Mira Kapoor reveals her “favorite indulgence”; guess she is


Can You Guess Mira Kapoor’s “Favorite Indulgence”? Here’s a clue. She has a chocolate-y connection. Mira Kapoor, who is known to be a foodie, has updated us on her indulgence via Instagram Stories. Given her past gastronomic adventures, it’s no surprise that she’s chosen something absolutely delicious. Mira Kapoor posted a photo of a box of chocolate covered strawberries. She captioned the images, “Thanks for my favorite indulgence. Chocolate Covered Strawberries.” The treats are decorated with pink and brown icing. Some have heart-shaped icing, while others have cute faces drawn on them. The box also contained tiny chocolate candies and decorations. Mira Kapoor attached a photo of two boxes of these treats stored next to a bouquet of flowers.

Mira Kapoor often adds fun to her food diaries. That’s how she does it. Once, she also experimented on the poor lowly Indians. She turned it into a play of colors. A photo revealed a plate of crispy and poor fluffy ones that were yellow, green and red. Mira Kapoor captioned it: “Continuing the Nani house series is for the best. Rainbow pooris.”

When indulged, Mira Kapoor loves to try a variety of cuisines. Indian desserts and dishes are part of her love of food. But she doesn’t miss out on the best recipes from around the world. Mexican food it was part of one of his elaborate “Monday lunches”. He included tacos, enchiladas, quesadillas, salsa, and other sauces on his plate. Slime worthy, right?

Mira Kapoor’s love affair with food is nothing new. The emerging food and lifestyle influencer often keeps up with new trends. Recently, the internet crashed baked feta. Mira Kapoor jumped on the bandwagon by adding baked feta cheese to a bowl of delicious noodles. A rich tomato sauce, broccoli florets, and sliced ​​black olives brought a ton of different flavors to the dish.

Did you say comfort food? Mira Kapoor has a long list for it. She can never run out of options as she immerses herself in foods and drinks both experimental and classic. At Christmas, she found her solace in a glass of sparkling cold coffee. She captioned the image, “Iced coffee for Christmas.”


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