Minister Salas: “We cannot confuse the role of a supervising Congress with an inquisitor”


He supports it. Alexander Salashead of the Ministry of Culture (Mincul), referred to the motion of censure that will be seen in the plenary session of the Congress of the Republic this Thursday June 30 against the Minister of the Interior, dimitri senmache.

In this regard, Salas mentioned that Senmache took office “a little over a month ago” and that he had just finished presenting “his general citizen security policy in order to implement it” and now he has to wait if the Congress “Censor it, or not.”

“I know the Congressand to many congressmen who are democrats, who know that democracy will also look at them at some point. I appeal to this, to these Democratic congressmen who want a country in democracy. We cannot confuse the role of a supervising Congress with the role of an inquisitorial Congress”, he declared to the press after a meeting of Minister council this Wednesday.

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In this sense, the minister urged the Parliament to “evaluate correctly” the motion of censure against Dimitri Senmachewho is questioned for not being able to prevent the escape of Juan Silva former Minister of Transport, who is a fugitive from justice.

“Tomorrow, the Congress has the possibility of evaluating correctly —with reasonableness and proportionality— what censorship would mean for a Minister of the Interior who is doing his job”, he narrowed down.

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Similarly, Salas considered that these motions of censure against the members of the ministerial cabinet they only “paralyze” the work that the Executive Branch has been carrying out.

Of course they tie us hand and foot. The Executive power wants to work and needs to work for the solutions of a country. Hopefully tomorrow, when the Congress make your decision, this is responsible to the country”, he said.

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