Minister Huerta: Doubts and secrecy in the appointment of Director of the Interior Government


On July 27, the interior minister, Willy Huerta Olivasappointed the citizen from Cajamarca Edwar Chuquilín Hernández in the position of General Director of Internal Government. This person, however, would not meet all the requirements, according to the regulatory framework of the same sector.

The Ministry of the Interior has resolution number 0071-2022-IN_SG, which establishes the minimum requirements for the different positions, including positions of trust.

This regulation, specifically for the position of CEO, establishes a minimum requirement of four years of specific experience “in the function or subject”. In other words, specialized experience is required in the role of director or in matters of internal governance. Additionally, in relation to the management function, the same resolution requires two years of minimum experience as a director in the public sector.

According to the resume on the website of the Ministry of the Interior, the only specific experience in matters of internal government that Chuquilín Hernández reports is that of prefect of Cajamarca, from November 25, 2021 to June 18, 2022. That is to say Just six and a half months.

In the aforementioned resume there is no other information that proves greater specific experience of the official as a director in the public sector.

The Republic He transferred this issue as a consultation to the aforementioned director of the Interior Government, Edwar Chuquilín Hernández. The official only mentioned having sent all the information to the communications office of the Ministry of Inter.

However, this communication office of the Ministry of the Interior sent us an incomplete response, without clarifying the doubts raised about the specific experience of the official.

In an email, they only point out that there are “more than 20 records and certificates related to the training and professional experience of Mr. Edwar Lenin Chuquilin Hernandez in the public and private spheres, having even served as regional prefect of Cajamarca.” For the rest, the communication office refused to grant us copies of the aforementioned records and certificates.

Then we insist with Chuquilín Hernández to access the information that proves his specific experience. The lawyer, on the one hand, commented that he had additional experience in the Judiciary, DEVIDA and other entities. He also said that everything was in his file. But he avoided answering specifically about his experience in other management positions.

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