Minciencias: Arturo Luna talks about the challenges of this portfolio


Arturo Luna Tapia took over as the Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation yesterday. Scientists at Sucre are no strangers to this portfolio, from where he led the National Biotechnology Program and the Columbia Bio Program and where he also served as the Science and Technology Manager.

In an interview with EL TIEMPO, the new minister talked about the government’s expectations and plans for this portfolio and how it will tackle challenges such as increasing funding for science.

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What does the government expect from the role of the science ministry?

One of the things we want to achieve is to give place to science, to give it its important role in society. That by this we can provide solutions to the real problems of the society such as climate change, food security, energy transition, that science, technology and innovation help in industrialization of the country on various fronts.

How much document of the historical agreement on ancestral knowledge reaches this new government?

That document sparked a debate and they are important in science. This makes us think We must establish a dialogue between that traditional and local ancestral knowledge and modern science, that this ancestral knowledge can provide solutions to the problems of society, which can be promoted by science and validated with associated benefits for the communities from which they come. To do science, we must communicate.

Will Basic Science also be given priority?

Of course, basic science is going to be a moot point. I want to speak with researchers, with society in general, with funding mechanisms, to talk about science, to reach agreements, to make public policy on science, technology and innovation (CTEI). I am open to dialogue among many sectors, I want to instill confidence in the national CTEI system that we are going to work together to strengthen it.

Will Minciencias have more participation in the nation’s general budget?

As a scientist I am aware of the problems of budgeting for science funding, which is going to be part of my job, managing resources, Talk with other government entities, national and international partners, so as not to rely only on the nation’s general budget. I am also going to see that that budget limit be improved. Presently the inflexibility of the budget is around 77 per cent for the next year, I hope this will not affect the ministry.

With some 33 carrier executives and around 500 contractors, is the ministry expected to organize the plant as well?

I want to organize the house, optimize the processes, improve the working conditions of the people working here, so that they feel proud to work in Minisia because it also increases the efficiency of the ministry.

We are going to discuss here the possibilities of improving plant conditions for both the working people, employees and contractors, as this portfolio is young and people should take into account the working conditions. In that organization process it’s one of the things I’m going to do in the unit. Work with the same people who work here to improve their working conditions.

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Will the recommendations of the mission of the Wise Men be followed?

This is one of those discussions that we should have, those are the long-term recommendations that were also considered in the splicing report and which we are going to talk about.

I want to hear from the members of the Sabeo Missions, work with them and take into account the recommendations of the Splice team that I know incorporate the same recommendations from the mission and see how we work together.

Do you already have in mind who will be your deputy minister?

On this aspect, I hope very soon I will be able to sit down with the President to define this topic, which is fundamental for us to start off strong and have a whole team in the unit. But for this I want the President to give me necessary directions.

What happened to the lawsuit?

When I reached Colciencias I gave my documentation, resume was published, which would indicate that I met the requirements. I worked for a while, I went through the transition process to Minciencias, and last year they informed me about the situation, but they never told me if the matter had been investigated or asked me to correct the documents. asked for. I know I did things right. So far I have not been notified by the State Council.

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