Mike Tyson and his Bengal tigers: the story of how they found them and why they got rid of them


mike tyson He is one of the great references of boxing around the world. Despite being remembered for his spectacular victories in the ring, the American has many controversial momentslike when in 1997 bit Evander Holyfield’s ear or when Had three Bengal tigers as pets,

Born on June 30, 1966 Michael Gerard TysonThe former boxer from Fort Greene, New York (United States) is celebrating today 56th birthday, Here we tell you the story How did he get his feral cats and why did he get rid of them,

Tyson’s animals were treated as domestic dogs. They even slept on her bed (Photo: Special)

Mike Tyson and his Bengal Tigers

In 1992, the former American boxer was sentenced to six years in prison for raping a young model. He talked to his car dealer about this while in jail. Great Opportunity to Trade a Luxury Car for a Charming BeastBecause in a few months he will serve his sentence.

“I said, ‘Why don’t you order me a pair (of tigers or lions)? I’ll be out in a few months.’ so when i left i came home and i already had two puppies waiting for me“He told in an Instagram conversation with the American rapper in 2020” fat Joe,

It was like Mike Tyson got two small Bengal tigers and later got another, The exorcist baptized them as Hurricane, Boris and Kenya And not only did he walk beside them as if they were pet dogs, but they also slept on his bed.

However, according to unofficial reports, Mike Tyson sent the two of them to live in a sanctuary, second, called KenyaA female Bengal tiger was his most precious feline friend because had him for 16 years until he too had to get rid of her due to old age and an incident in which a woman had to pay the price of his hand.

“I loved him very much. I took care of him, I slept with him, I kept him in my room. I had her for about 16 years, but she was very old and I had to get rid of her when she lost her eyes and head. Too, cut someone’s hand, He said during an interview for GQ Magazine in 2019,

Mike Tyson and his white tiger Kenya (Photo. Allsport)

Taking up the matter with the rapper fat Joeon that occasion, mike tyson Provided more details about the incident. The former boxer mentioned that a woman entered his house and started playing with him Bengal TigerBut because I didn’t know him, He broke the hand of the intruder, for which he had to pay a huge amount,

“Someone jumped over the fence where the tiger was and started playing with her. The animal didn’t know this woman and a terrible accident happened. It jumped over the property where the tiger was. When I saw what the tiger did to his hand, I had a lot of money at the time, so I gave him $250,000.Because she was spoiled,” he said.

After what happened mike tyson He said that he felt that keeping Bengal tigers as pets was a bad idea, as there was no way to tame them, because at some point, “they kill by accident”Told,

“You can’t believe what tigers can do with human flesh, I didn’t know. I was so dumb then. There is no way to tame these cats 100%There’s no way for this to happen. They kill you by accident, it’s not like they try to do it, they do it by accident. They are very strong especially when you play rough with them. You hit them, suddenly they hit you and you’re dead,

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