Miguel Duran accuses Val d’Hebron and UGT of corruption “like ERE”


Updated: 09.23.2022 at 1:25 pm.

The distinguished Miguel Duran has argued today that Val d’Hebron HospitalThe largest in Catalonia, has experienced a case of corruption similar to that the matter is you from Andalusia. The lawyer has assured that “preview and embezzlement were committed” in the transfer of children’s playrooms to the children of doctors, he said, of the current management, of the past, the Catalan Institute of Health (ICS) and the UGT Union, He successful space since 2013, At present, the investigation of the case has been 12.

Duran said this together with Carmen Martinez in a public appearance in Barcelona CSIF who has condemned the case, an appearance in which he maintained that the investigation of the case, which is being followed up at the Court of Instruction 9 in Barcelona, ​​”will show that a series of crimes were committed”. They will be, he said, above”embezzlement You rhetorical“and accused”influence peddling,

“Irregular Assignment”

The object of the case is the transfer, according to the “irregular” complainants, to a health association in 2013 for the management of the nursery by ICS, As explained by this medium, According to Duran, the delivery of guard space to the approximately 300 members was “without municipal license” and “irregular” because it was not considered at the time of relocation or the attribute was not registered in the property registry. “And the municipal files for the licenses that were opened in 2017 were boxed in,” Duran said.

What’s more, the joint commission that established the agreement, and signed by the former manager Joaquim Casanovas Lacksis now responsible for the ICS in Girona and case diet“Never caught,” said CSIF complainant Carmen Martinez.

12 defendant

The Val d’Hebron Children’s Centre, now closed by the city council, suffered a setback when Martinez filed a complaint with Miguel Duran himself in court in 2018. The complaint was accepted for processing, proceedings were opened in October of the same year and the court’s direction No. 9 is being followed. The owner has so far cited 12 people as investigation. is one of them Albert SalazariThe current manager of the Val d’Hebron, How the Global Chronicle progressed,

Those who have been investigated will testify “at the end of October”, the lawyer has indicated. Most of those cited are reportedly being investigated rhetorical You embezzlement, The private prosecution, which is led by the Office of Distinguished Counsel, believes that “crimes may be proved during the course of an investigation.”

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