Mexico: New 5.6 magnitude earthquake; This is the third earthquake in the last week


An initial magnitude 5.6 earthquake this Friday activated a seismic alert in western and central Mexico Two strong earthquakes occurred in a week, causing a total of five deaths,

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According to information from the National Seismological Service (SSN), the quake was recorded at 1:25 pm local time (6:25 a.m. GMT), 70 kilometers southeast of Colima, Tecumán, a state in the west of the country .

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The quake originated near Colcomán, Michoacan, which was the epicenter of the previous Monday and Thursday earthquakes, however It is not yet detailed whether this latest movement is a replica of the September 19 earthquake,

A seismic alert for Mexico City was activated in parts of the nation’s capital’s metropolitan area, with no damage reported so far.

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A strong earth movement stunned Mexicans early Thursday.

This Friday’s event follows the earthquake that shook Mexico on Monday, less than an hour after a national drill that takes place every September 19 to commemorate the 1985 and 2017 earthquakes , which occurred on the same date and are considered the most destructive. history.

While an aftershock of 6.9 magnitude was recorded in the morning on Thursday.

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Monday’s earthquake killed two people in the worst-hit state of Colima, while Thursday’s earthquake killed three: two in Mexico City and a five-month-old baby in Colima.

The earthquake in September has wreaked havoc in MexicoWhere an estimated 20,000 people were killed in the September 19, 1985 earthquake and around 370 on the same date in 2017.


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