Mexican model Maria Ibarra defines everything in accessories for a stunning look


Maria Ibarra grew up surrounded by cameras In a family of artists as the daughter of musician Benny Ibarra and model Selina del Villar, so she found her way into the world of fashion and modeling, “ever since she was young, she took a picture or another, once she had a Made the cover for a magazine. My interest was piqued when I was 17, but I think the moment I really started was when I met David Sousa, Who is my agent right now and I’m inducted fashion week mexico, Eight shows, and it was an opportunity I couldn’t say no to, but I said yes and here we are”, Maria Ibarra recalled of her debut.

Questioning about the biggest challenge facing him in this career, he confessed to us:

“Definitely going to New York and getting out of my comfort zone, which is Mexico, where I’ve been working for many years and I know a lot of people in the industry and they know me, and that’s where to get and start. The biggest was the challenges.”

Undoubtedly, modeling is an industry full of stereotypes. When we asked Maria what she wanted to see about the profession, she told us, “Models are rude or too tough, I think what happens is that we’re too insecure and many we arrive at work and look at other girls and we get scared, we think they’re having bad vibes when it’s really insecurities, it’s a matter of lowering the odds and dealing with love”. About, he said: “Not only is a slim and tall woman taken into account now, but now the body diversity in the fashion industry is very wide, very beautiful and it allows us all to get some rest.”

Likewise, she told us about a project that marked her career, of course, in addition to her first Fashion Week, a job she did with several models at Xcare, including, without a doubt, their A very good camaraderie was experienced between him which he had not experienced before.

besides being one Degree in Production and Fashion Styling, London College of Fashion, That he would like to find out about his future plans, he told us that another interest of his is mixing and music production, “I like to mix music and travel the world while doing that, and I love photography.” Yes, I also have an artist Instagram (@eyesofpainting), there I upload my photos and my art, I want to sell it in the gallery.

Among the musical styles he would prefer is drum and bass, “With my music I want to break down barriers and bring styles from Mexico that are not so popular. Drum and bass, which is a style that many People don’t know and for me it’s an acquired taste, once you understand the magic of that genre, that you go places to dance it, you get a great community”.

On her best advice for getting started in modeling, María Ibarra commented: “Your personality can take you too far, and there are a lot of pretty faces on Instagram right now, so you have to bring something different, but don’t stress it . to be yourself someone you are not”.

Mary’s Favorites

We asked her about her fashion and beauty.

Trends for autumn-winter:

“Big size, comfort on top, and I really like strong colors like lime green or orange.”

Daily Dress:

“Black pants, white T-shirt, cool tennis shoes, a nice jacket and bag.”


“Lots of silver jewelry, earrings, a necklace I always wear is like a slave who says ‘not yours.'”

Care of skin:

“Lots of water, wash your face daily, and the fewer products you use and the fewer chemicals they contain, the better.”


l”Blockers, very important, the ones I use have tint, just that and a little concealer, and what I can’t go anywhere is to do my eyebrows, they completely change my expression” .

Trends in accessories autumn-winter 2022

We tell you our favorite accessories for this cold season

one is none

This season is of double bagging. You can choose to mix sizes and shapes or bet on ones that already come in layers or together.

shine and shine

Bet on metallic tones like silver and with applications that will be the star and focal piece of any look, shoes, bags, sunglasses, anything goes.

high socks

In plain, neutral colors, or in vibrant colors like purple, or with applications, above or below the knee, they will give an eye-catching and very cool touch to your outfit.

colored lenses

Choose to add a touch of color to your outfit with bold sunglasses in bright colors like yellow or neon green, red, pink, let yourself go.


This classic in necklace and art has been repurposed in various designs. Necklaces, chokers and big earrings will be a must for these timeless jewellery.


Made of a variety of materials, like tweed or fur (another one of the great trends in accessories), one of our favorites of the season, they’ll be an elegant accessory for even the most casual outfit.


In belts or jewelry they will be one of the must-haves for this season. Multi-chain necklaces and earrings will become the major and focal piece to accentuate your look.

AILEDD by Menduet

Photos: Juan Ritlac / Makeup & Hair: Special thanks to Laura Mercier and Lionel Urdaneta / Benjamin, Mico & Tepache for @hottoolslatam.


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