Mercadona allocates 140 million to reduce plastic consumption


mercadona will invest over 140 million euros In Strategy 6.25, which aims to express our “commitment to continue caring for the planet”.

Over the past two years, the distribution chain has worked “intensively” to achieve the first two tasks of the plan and to meet its goal of revamping all of its centers in less than a year, with a cost of 30 million euros. investment is included.

reduce plastic packaging

within the framework of the commitment yes to continue caring for the planetIn addition to strengthening the already integrated systems for its reuse and recycling packaging commercialThe company The Valencian company develops 6.25 strategies to reduce plastics and appropriately manage its waste.

The roadmap includes six specific actions to achieve the triple objective by 2025: reduce 25% of plastic in their packagingall that packaging Plastics are recyclable and all plastic waste generated in its processes is recycled.

reuse strategy

system reuse You recycling already consolidated in the company, its food waste prevention strategies and redistribution of surpluses and strategy 6.25, Make mercadona annually recovers over 267,000 tons of reusable materials that once again become raw materials throughout the production cycle and allow efficient progress, and in collaboration with managers, towards the circular economy.

In 2019, the company started working on its strategy involving all employees of the company and making the various processes in the assembly line more sustainable.

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