Medellin’s Evolution Promotes Consolidation of Colleagues


Recently, the National Administrative Department of Statistics (DANE) showed numbers certifying Medellin’s economic reactivation, with the recovery of more than 500,000 jobs lost during the health crisis and an unemployment rate of 10.7% for the March quarter. – May 2022 (lowest in four years in the city).

(Colombia is preparing for the next ‘bounce’ of ‘peers’).

Combined hand-in-hand with encouraging local economic predictions, this panorama has spurred foreign investment in the municipality, reaching a figure of $200 million in 2021, thanks to the development of 22 projects that will generate more than 3,700 new parking spaces. represented the place. According to the Medellin Cooperation and Investment Agency (ACI).

With the shift in work habits, from face-to-face to virtual and now moving through an increasingly dominant hybrid model,The flexible office, which was already gaining a significant presence in the sector before the pandemic, has now become an ideal proposition for traditional companies and startups and enterprises as well., which are increasingly dominating the productive region of Antioquia. In fact, a report by Co-Work—a benchmark in the coworking sector in the country and the top player in the industry in Medellin—projects that the market will grow three times in 2022 in the sector compared to previous years.

This is one of the reasons why the multinational, which has been promoting hybrid work by offering flexible workplaces, has increased its investment with the opening of two new coworking offices in the capital of Antioquia, thus five buildings in different perimeters in Abura. added to. valley.

(The office market improved again in the first quarter).

Activation of these two new offices, one in Edificio Campestre in 1643, on Avi El Poblado; and another in Astorga, a few meters from Parque del Poblado, Provenza and Metro; Had invested a little over 7,000 million pesos. With this capital, 4,888 square meters (m2) of offices were adapted, which would affect approximately 800 people in the capital of Antioquia.

It is worth noting that, with this infrastructure, the company becomes the flexible office company with the most offices in Medellin and in terms of square meters (m2) of second partnership, a total of 8,709 m2 is available only in the valley. . De Abura, thus adding 825 jobs, in addition to the 600 that are already available in other offices in the city.

In the case of Campestre, 1,620 m2 in this building is distributed between private offices (about 70%) and shared workstations in 321 workstations. “We have four meeting rooms, an auditorium and booths. It has the capacity to hold 321 co-workers.” Sebastian O’Ryan, Co-Founder and CEO of Co-Work, commented.

Likewise, it allows people from the south of the Abura Valley a place to cross the city and work close to various points of interest without encountering traffic.

On the other hand, Astorga, Av. Located a few blocks from El Poblado and Calle 10, it offers several accessibility options for public transportation. It was created considering that from floor 5 onwards they will be destined for clients who require unique and exclusive spaces to suit their needs., It was created as a prelude to impress a commercial space and to be very privileged in the location.

“This headquarters has 3,268 m2. In the first 4 floors we have 232 workstations, distributed in private offices and shared spaces. It has the capacity to accommodate 232 people under the peer model and over 220 in the custom model. O’Ryan added.

(Flexible Office, a model that will gain strength after the pandemic).

With the activation of this renewed infrastructure, the multinational invests more than $3 million in Medellin and over $2 million in Bogota, guaranteeing a significant contribution to national economic development. It will soon open three new offices: two in the nation’s capital and one in Barranquilla.

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