Mbappé gives a lime and another sand: he scores a great goal and misses another song sung with France


qian mbappe was the hero of the match between France You Austria, french striker He scored in the 55th minuteBut it was the veteran Olivier Giroud, who had a great header, that minutes later sentenced an almost inevitable victory for the current world champion.

However, the star PSG He had very clear chances to fail, but There was one in particular that went unnoticed.

The French team had already won the match with a slight lead on the scoreboard (2–0), when Mbappé He left the goalkeeper sitting, and when the goal was empty, he sent the ball out, sabotaging a clear chance of the match. Fortunately and consolation for the Frenchman, the play was invalidated for offside, thanks to which he would not have so much regretted his mistake.

Mbappé, on the French team: “Here I have more freedom”

The striker spoke in the mixed field where he described how he plays with the French team and the Paris team: “I play differently with France. They tell me to do a different job here than at PSG. I have a lot of freedom here. Coach knows we have Giroud as 9 who heals defenses and I can go to space. In Paris it is different, it does not exist. They ask me to play spindle and it’s different”, according to ace,

He also gave his own version of the image rights controversy: “I am happy with the image rights agreements. It was not me who proposed the agreements, The whole team loved him. Afterwards, I don’t mind being the center of attention if it’s good for my teammates. Being criticized will not change the way I play and live. If it’s good for the group, I don’t care. I think the whole group is happy.”

The 23-year-old French striker has already scored 28 goals France, These figures make it even more The primary aim of the best clubs in the world.

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