Master Roger Federer’s Last Great Lesson


He checked that everything was ready, zip closed and loaded the bag and the racket bag onto his shoulders. the usual routine. Last time. He had prepared for this day ever since he admitted that he could never excel again, the only level that was acceptable to him, but it didn’t look easy. Roger Federer tomorrow. He was terrified, he admitted on a visit shared on social networks at the O2 Arena in London. It was their goodbye, which was announced a week earlier and the final point was chosen with a doubles match with Rafael Nadal, his best rival, his best friend. But it was not so much that the Swiss were nervous about this, but whether he would be competitive enough in this last match of his career. He admitted that the Basel player hasn’t played much in recent times and that his knee hasn’t allowed him to play an individual match in the historic Laver Cup. For many, the match was the shortest, beyond the fact that it is a defeat that in no way tarnished a perfect ending for Federer. A myth ends, an era ends, tennis is extinguished, But that is why he is Roger Federer, he cared about his last performance, his last blow, his last lesson as a teacher.

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    This happens 25 years after adding the first ATP point. A quarter of a century later he entered Wimbledon in a duel that meant changing guard with King Pete Sampras. Long hair pulled back into a ponytail, stylish, dignified, passionate, the owner of a tennis shoe that embodied generational change, a unique style, atrocious for a good part of its beginnings, and one that over the years she turned into art. Goodbye fades to black, a color that characterizes the tournament they held five years ago, with that perfect script at the level of a tennis player. Brought the game to the level of perfection, In their own way, along with the line judges, the most recognizable chair umpires, Swedish Mohamed Lahani and even Stefan Edberg, turned the coin.

    There was applause for all the members of both teams, but nothing compared to the applause with Federer, the last to go out on the track – a good start when the poster came out, without a ticket as he announced his departure. – stood up, like the hair on his skin, and he applauded with his hands and his heart, the only thing that can be done to thank the Swiss for what he has given. He, half smiling, timidly applauded, as much as Federer and a little more.

    “It was important to go through this because I had so much to thank the people, the fans, who have been the backbone of my career. I felt like I was playing at home on all the courts in the world. And this is something unique and for which I am very grateful. I wanted the opportunity to celebrate it well, did not want to announce it and disappeared like a ghost. But with the team, tennis to spend time with the family,” he expressed himself a day earlier. Before their last match, and when the Europa team bench celebrated Rudd’s victories against Sock and Tsitsipas’s Schwartzman, and Murray cheered after the loss to De Minaur, the Swiss were seen as somewhat absent. Gone. Given little to express emotion, yesterday he was only betrayed by the sly laughter of someone who is experiencing an extraordinary day. For him and for the rest of the planet.

    Once seated on the bench, a more bewildered smile came from the Swiss. As he approached the net, he let go of his hands and arms, releasing the tension. He may have imagined what his last game would be like, but the stand expressed everything he touched to the world on every ball he touched. If the Swiss matches can be followed by the number of ‘dew’ that the public has dedicated to each talent, then here are the numbers of measurements, applause and ‘Let’s go, Roger, let’s go’ (Let’s go Roger, come on). were decibels. ,

    He leaves an impossible void for his legacy to fill and leave behind. He was not at his usual level, excellent, but still lacking in movements, is Federer. His hand is made of tennis, his hand is made of a tennis, With the largest load of the match on Nadal’s left foot, the Swiss presented the last example of a tennis that disappeared with him, in his first match since Wimbledon 2021, with the baton he held as a racquet. Has: Change the direction of the ball at will a firm but sensitive wrist, Exquisite backhand that takes venom due to height that is deadly because of speed, Innate reflexes in the game of the net, Illegal acts for sock and tifo, House brand point , regret in failures. Relations and jokes with Balearic, who defined him like this: “If we talk about perfection, then this is it.” As if he had little repertoire of magic tricks, he added another to his farewell: a drive that passed through a hole between the trap and the wand that supported him. Laughter, disbelief, Federer.

    In this complete farewell he had already given two pictures for the history of the game that today is not the same as yesterday. Murray, Djokovic, Nadal and Federer are training on the same court at the same time, rallying 66 Grand Slams as if tennis were just one sport. and a phenomenal training session and with this historic couple

    Nadal, as if he were on vacation. And he gave a third: His tears of gratitude for the game he rediscovered, a grandstand surrendered to its class and RF means that .. honored via a video. Surrounded by the admiration and respect of the greatest people of the past, present and future: Rod Laver (11 Grand Slams), John McEnroe (7), Bjorn Borg (11), Andy Murray (3), Novak Djokovic (21), himself ( 20), passionate Nadal (22), Thomas Enquist, Zverev… and with him his parents, his wife and their four children. “I’m happy, not sad. I loved wearing sneakers again. This sport has been amazing. I really enjoyed the trip, I’ll do it again. Thank you so much,” he confessed.


    He ravaged his rivals on the track, sharing happiness with them in London these days. He’s had a good time in his career and shared a lot more this week, what happened behind the scenes: Thanksgiving, outings, selfies, table tennis. Emotions, affection, jokes and laughter with everyone. Another sign of his greatness.

    There are numbers, victories and titles to measure a part of Roger Federer; The respect and accolades he has received from the sports world completes another. What can be measured or explained is missing: Emotions and tears in O2 on the sports planet, on the tennis planet. And yet, it is not enough. Another game is starting from today, after Federer tennis.

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