‘Masochism lazi’, by Ignacio Vidal-Folch


The news published here yesterday by María Jesús Cañizares under the title “Junqueras receives special surveillance due to pressure from radical secessionism” is very interesting. That is to say, that the leader of the procés and martyr of independence, after spending several years in prison, now, having regained his freedom, if he walks alone on the street he runs the risk of being slapped… who, some Falangist? Nope! Some of his own most exalted co-religionists! Because there is a portion of lazis who are convinced that the years in prison for Juqueras and company have been a paripé, hotel life, and that despite proclamations and speeches, in reality, Junqueras and the leadership of his party work to maintain the status autonomous quo, and in the end they are at the service of the perfidious Spanish State and therefore they do not intend in any way to fulfill “the mandate of 1-O”, that is, to declare independence again. In addition to the fact that Junqueras and other lazi leaders have been politically emasculated through pardons, obtained thanks to who knows what dark deals, while others, that is, to understand us, the most reckless of the lazism troop class, are summoned to testify by the judges and fined, without pardons or resistance funds for them to face the fines… Faced with the difficulty of pouring out on the enemy the energy accumulated during the entire process, and which had to be released in the ecstasy of independence, it, frustrated and following patterns already well studied by psychology, she turns against herself: the Lazi National Movement becomes masochistic, it attacks itself, and that is how Junqueras needs bodyguards to protect himself from his co-religionists. In this sense, the case of the photographer Lorena Sopena is exemplary, who on September 11, hired by TVE (the network’s management must have thought that she, being a militant lazi, was in less danger), was taking inappropriate photos of those attending the celebration at the Fossar de les Moreres until she was attacked and knocked down by some attendees, one of them already identified: the convicted murderer David Ventura, a lazi sentenced to 140 years in prison, of which he only served seven –well, as Paolo Conte’s song says, “this is Spain, a house of tolerance”–, for coldly murdering a fan of Español FC… The most jarring and at the same time moving part of this story has been the efforts of Lorena Sopena for silencing the aggression of which she had been a victim, her pleas to the press not to talk about the “incident”, because doing so could harm the national movement. According to her, the “profile” (in other words, the appearance) of the aggressors was not Lazi, but the other way around, they were rather Spaniards, of whom, without a doubt and as strange as it may seem, at that time the grave was full… No , Lorena did not want to harm her own being the living proof of her aggressiveness, of a latent violence that only waits for the occasion to flourish. Poor girl! This new phenomenon of self-aggressive masochism, the son of frustration, not yet psychoanalyzed, is manifested and detected in episodes like this one (both in the attack on Lorena and in her self-sacrificing efforts to prevent it from spreading), in numerous public acts that took place celebrated in towns and in the neighborhoods of cities, and in the sewers of social networks: The considerable phenomenon of lazi masochism.

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