Mars: It Could Form Iron and Other Metals on the Red Planet


Is metal production possible on Mars? A team of researchers led by Professor Akbar Ramdhani from Swinburne University has published the first detailed study metal production On another planet, centered on a neighboring planet.

researchers are developing A process that would take air, soil and sunlight processed on Mars to make metallic iron. It will use concentrated solar energy as a source of heat and carbon, which is generated by cooling CO gas, which is a byproduct of oxygen production in the Martian atmosphere.

This production of oxygen has already been made possible and demonstrated on Mars, on the Perseverance rover, through Project MOXIE, NASA’s Mars In Situ Oxygen Resource Utilization Experiment. Pitcher.

Therefore, the Swinburne metal extraction process aims to co-produce oxygen already in place with an oxygen generating plant (much larger than MOXIE) in the future.Iron alloy, which can be used to make metals. It can be used to boost manned missions and development to Mars.

Launching technology into space is costly, time consuming and bad for the environment. Production of resources from other planets allows for more efficient, economic and sustainable development in space.

This allows for further human exploration and the spread of technology, such as satellites, that help collect data and solve problems on Earth.

The Fluid and Process Dynamics Research Group team and the Space Technology and Industry Institute at Swinburne are currently working closely with CSIRO Minerals and the CSIRO Space Technology Future Science Platform (Australian research agency) to take the investigation to the next stage.

This type of research will allow for further exploration from Mars.

Professor Akbar Ramdhani said: “We want to develop a Mars metal extraction process that uses resources in situ to support further manned missions and development to Mars, without actually bringing reagents from Earth.”

“If you want to build something big on Mars without paying to launch everything from Earth (big) Satellite, Mars colonization, refueling depots and more), this could be a very valuable process.”

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