Marcelo’s new life after leaving Real Madrid


Tookless than two months after leaving real madrid, marcelo He is closer to retirement than to continue his extraordinary career as a footballer.

After leaving the Estadio Santiago Bernabeu with three titles in the 2021-22 season, Brazil has not been convinced by offers from Qatar or MLS, among others.

This means that the chances of retirement in the immediate future are strong for the player who has the most titles (25) in history. real madrid,

What is the current status of Marcelo?

marcelo Has long been preparing for life after football, laying the foundation for a career as a businessman.

Now, as his professional football career comes to an end, he can focus on his interests off the field.

marcelo Currently owns two clubs, BlueBrazilian Championship from Paranaense, and sorryFrom Portuguese second class.

They acquired the former in 2017 and recently embarked on a European adventure, while sorry belonging to the same group as the former and regarded by marcelo As the ideal bridge between the Brazilian and European markets.

related to Bluethoughts of marcelo and its partners to promote its training set-up, an area in which the former real madrid The player already has remarkable experience for his ‘Campus 12’ project.

‘Campus 12’ is one such initiative which, with the support of his brother-in-law, Caio AlvesHe has been developing successfully for some time and who represents the other marceloof business activities.

Among three Madrid players who ended their contracts on 30 June, marcelo He was the only one who had an institutional farewell that matched his career.

the other two, Gareth Bale And isco alarcanoContrary to what destinations have already been found (Los Angeles FC and Sevilla, respectively) marcelo Who knows in any case that the doors of Madrid will always be open for him.

There is also a final return to the club as an ambassador or institutional representative. marceloFuture plans, and there’s no shortage of professional encouragement for him, as it seems, he’s hanging up his boots this summer.

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