Manchester City no longer open to Bernardo Silva


Dto link them with a move despite the rumours barcelonaIt seems like Bernard Silva ready to be together Manchester City,

With only two weeks left until the close of the summer transfer window, the English giants have ruled out a possible sale, as the Portuguese star is one of them. pep guardiolaBest player of.

Guardiola’s position

The city was never particularly interested in selling Silva.

However, Pep made it clear at the beginning of the summer that the club would not hold a player who did not want to be there.

These statements came after knowing barcelona The Portuguese were interested in signing the international.

city ​​rating

Negotiations were complicated from the start, with City revealing that they would part ways with Silva for a fee of around €100 million.

Silva gives a pass to a teammate. / Kema King

This is because they consider him to be one of the best players in the team.

Another problem is barcelona Haven’t been able to make any concrete offers for the player either.

Mendes’ role

Silva was willing to move on if barcelona accepted offer.

his agent, George Mendestalked to Joan Laporta On several occasions regarding a possible move to Camp Nou.

Although both the player and the club wanted a trick, barcelonaThe paucity of money made a deal almost impossible.

The activation of many economic leverages and the signature of Robert Lewandowski, Rafinha and Jules Koundez It felt like an attempt would be made nonetheless.

Financial problems in Barcelona

In the last few days it has become clear that this is not possible.

barcelona Players still need to sell to register their new signings, and they will have to sell to a number of big names in order to finance a move for Silva.

Although laporta While it seemed possible to relocate to the United States, the reality is that it is not.

No offer from Barcelona

If the city was ready to listen first barcelonait’s too late now.

With no offer from the Spanish club being received and Silva happy to stay in England, City have decided to rule out the move.

De Jong in last weekend's match against Rayo.  /efe

De Jong in last weekend’s match against Rayo. /efe


sales of frankie de jong It was always necessary to finance a move.

Although barcelona Trying to sell him since the start of the transfer window, he still hasn’t accepted a switch.

The Dutchman has made it clear he doesn’t want to leave despite barcelona agreed an agreement with all Man Utd,


A sale at this stage of the summer would have forced the city to accelerate its search for a replacement.

This is always bad business because the clubs will know that the English giants want to buy, and thus increase their asking price.

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