Management and the key to the club, the difference between Real Madrid and Barcelona


FRiends and associates at El Mundo are fulfilling requests, demands and contracts throughout the week barcelona As players they focus on renewal.

Most of them are being vilified when these contract extensions were lauded at the time. You already know about the hypocrisy of the football world.

Leo Messi, Neymar, Gerard Pique (Now he looks like the bad guy, when recently, the whole of Barcelona idolized him and admired his extravagant gestures), Sergio Busquets And the others committed no crime.

he asked and Joseph Maria BartomeuUnder immense pressure, both the press (the same press that now criticizes these contracts) and the fans agreed to sign the new contract and everyone was happy.

do not forget. it mattered little that stepped barcelonaThe future is in danger. “I don’t care what happens, I want the best at any cost”, a phrase heard in many circles from many different teams. said and done.

salary cap and boss

Here comes the moment of leadership, to say no, to demonstrate that leaders should make decisions, set a line and not act as senseless fans.

real madrid The conditions experienced by the president jeopardized the club’s viability.

They were painful, but at the Estadio Santiago Bernabeu they were clear that they could not hand over the keys to the club, no matter how Cristiano Ronaldo was mentioned and in another dimension and more to the hierarchy, Sergio Ramos,

Pay Scale was the subject of memes and laughs on sports talk shows, which brought the club to court upon his departure. Cristiano Ronaldowho, by the way, left and real madrid You have continued to exist and conquer.

the result of both barcelona are dangerous levers to compete (economic survival is another matter entirely), whereas real madrid It can claim to have 450 million euros in cash after reducing its income by 400 million euros in two years due to the pandemic.

no matter how much they say, real madrid Haven’t gone to activate any leverage.

What it has done is to sell the additional exploits generated by Madrid Stadium. 360 million euros in price, plus 70 percent of what it generates.

There is no doubt that the keys to the club are in the hands of Valdebebas, what about those barcelona,

This agreement means that the damage caused by the pandemic is gone to the better life, a waste of contracts that will never come because real madrid The logic of spending what I have applies.

and so it will be until florentino perez And Jose Angel Sanchez are decision makers. Do not doubt it. Lever of wisdom

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