Man released from jail after 23 years with the help of podcast


A US judge last Monday struck down a 23-year prison sentence for a murder he has always denied and made famous on the “Serial” podcast.

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Adnan Syed, 42, was sentenced to life imprisonment in 2000 For the death of his ex-girlfriend Hee Min Lee in Baltimore on the east coast of the United States.

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In an unexpected twist, City Attorney Marilyn Mosby asked the sentence to be vacated last week, explaining that There were doubts about his guilt, and he sought his freedom.,

Mosby explained that he discovered the existence of “two alternate suspects,” important information that was not well valued at the time and, above all, that had not been shared with the defense prior to the trial.

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On Monday, a judge upheld the request during a hearing in a packed Baltimore courtroom. “In the interest of justice and equality, the motion is allowed and the accused will be released with an electronic bracelet”Judge Melissa Finn said.

The officers then removed Adnan Syed’s handcuffs, as part of the room applauded before being called to order. The man with the bushy beard and white hat did not react to the decision.

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Her lawyer, Erica Suter, said outside the courthouse, “it was hard for her to believe it was real” and now “she wants to spend time with her family,” as her client left without comment.


Prosecutor Mosby emphasized the fact that justice “has not yet declared Adnan Syed innocent” and that she will wait for the results of DNA analysis before dropping the investigation against him or conducting a new trial, to be decided. needed. of 30 days.

whatever the decision, Mosby promised to continue the investigation “to make sure He Min’s relatives know for sure who the culprit is.”,

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During the hearing, the victim’s brother spoke on the phone and expressed his anguish. He said he was “living a nightmare that never stopped” and feeling “betrayed” by prosecutors who claimed to have found the culprit for years.

The case began in 1999 when police found the body of 18-year-old He Min Lee half-buried in a Baltimore woods.

Adnan Syed, 17, was arrested and sentenced to life imprisonment a year later. According to the allegation, the boy did not tolerate that she would leave him and strangle him.

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Syed always denied the crime and claimed to be a victim of prejudice against Muslims.

in 2014, A team of journalists conduct their investigation, narrated throughout 12 episodes of the “Serial” podcast And which, according to the producers, generated nearly 300 million downloads and even inspired a documentary on the HBO network.

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presence elsewhere

An independent investigation by “Serial” revealed that Adnan Syed’s defense did not take into account the opinion of a mobile phone expert friendly to the accused, as well as the testimony of a young woman, which gave him a possible excuse.

His work reopened the case and In March 2018, an appeals court in Maryland ordered a new trial, noting that the defense had provided “ineffective help” to his client.,

In March 2019, that state’s Supreme Court acknowledged the lawyer’s mistake in not presenting certain elements, but also speculated that the judgment “with all the evidence” would not have been different, if they had been included, which would have been dismissed. Made a request for a new test.

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Adnan Syed’s defense then went to the Supreme Court of the United States and in 2019 he refused to interveneWhich seemed to destroy Syed’s hopes of independence.

But the Baltimore prosecutor, which has a dedicated service to correct judicial errors, reopened the case that ultimately led to judicial review. The new episode of the ‘Serial’ podcast series will release on Tuesday, it was announced on his Twitter account.


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