Man encourages the masses during Dua Lipa concert and everyone follows the rhythm


Through social networkThousands of netizens are witnessing the most funny, funny and impressive events happening anywhere in the world. On this occasion, the curious moment in which the father of a family acted Dua Lipa concert in Chile.

He attended with his son, but the boy never imagined what his father would do in front of the crowd. While everyone was waiting for Dua Lipa’s appearance, this man decided to liven up the atmosphere a bit.

He got up from his seat and began to raise his hands from side to side in front of the rest of the people present below. Without expecting it, the entire audience noticed and followed his movements.

In this way the man managed to attract the attention of hundreds of people in the stadium. His son saw the scene and immediately started recording it. After posting this clip on Tiktok, More than 325,000 users left a like upon the publication.

“Feel proud because the gentleman clearly has his own”, “what a genius”, “an ordinary day of an extrovert”, were some of the messages left by the netizens.

Young man takes advantage of the view from his balcony to see Dua Lipa in concert

Through social networkThousands of users are witness to the most funny, funny and amazing events. This time, the video has gone viral showing how a young woman is lucky enough to watch Dua Lipa’s concert for free as she lived very close.

Dua Lipa has become the female performer of the moment, most notably during her “Future Nostalgia” tour, which sold out on all her dates. In addition, many were lucky.

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