Mahoni Vidinde’s horoscope today 24 November, horoscope for love, health and wealth


mahony sir brings you the best horoscope predictions for the third week of the month which goes from November 21-25; Find out what the stars have prepared for you in terms of health, wealth and love, and take advantage of the Cuban clairvoyant’s recommendations for each. Zodiac signs.

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One who speaks loudly does not get logic. You have a habit of confusing quantity with intelligence, but it does not win you, much less make you a more efficient person. You are simply more outspoken and eloquent, but you are well aware that you are hiding the fact that you know you are wrong.

You shouldn’t feel inferior in the face of a mighty competition. Undoubtedly, your opponent has more resources and experience, and has managed to make the most of his privileges. But you forget one essential fact: You represent what’s new in your field, you’re at the start of your career, and you’re unbeatable.


A relationship is a place where there is always room for the impossible. That’s why one should not surrender to routine, because it is the biggest enemy of those miracles. Every day that we don’t resign ourselves to being what society demands, and nothing else, we’re killing a little more of the romance, and the life that it encourages us to be.

This is a good day to put on the table everything you and each member of your team has put into this project. Each contribution should be valued, and each offered an equal remuneration. It’s time to show that the one who has given the most in this time is you.


Every time you make a decision related to your work or your training, you should make it for yourself and only yourself, and in no way should you feel selfish about it, because as you progress through life By moving on and on, you will be able to do more, for your relationship and for your partner. The investment you make in yourselves will benefit both of you.

It’s a good season, and it will continue to be so, as long as you don’t cross your arms or delegate your responsibilities to others. It is also important that that extra income is not wasted in festivities. You must invest in your growth as the stars have given you this fortune so that you can face the biggest of challenges.


This is a good day to remove the small misunderstanding that was being sown between you two. When such problems arise, it is best to solve them immediately, otherwise these small doubts multiply and become a threat to the root of love.

In order for your team to give of itself to the extent that they can, truly and efficiently, it is essential that each of its members has a common cause. You must establish a mission and vision that everyone can identify with and commit to. One goal, one team.


This is a good day to recover a little of the sensuality that life is leaving behind. When the two kiss, the love is renewed and the whole play begins. That’s why you have to put everything aside, and look straight into each other, like those eyes that have loved us.

Today is another day of waiting. And that waiting is part of the job of making money. Your time and patience will be rewarded: you shouldn’t give up, much less try to rush things, as this can be counterproductive. Don’t back down or give up: what you have given will be returned to you with a vengeance.


Don’t spy on the person you love and love you. Deep down, a lack of trust is a betrayal it doesn’t deserve, and it should be avoided at all costs. The time will come when I will tell you what is happening, and when you will realize that all your fears were groundless. Until then, please respect their privacy.

Today is one of those days when problems crop up and can lead you to make hasty and wrong decisions. You have to let the passion of the moment fade so you have better reference points. Avoid making decisions today.


This is a day when your patience is going to be tested. Your partner is about to resume contact with one of his previous partners, about whom you harbor resentment and suspicion. It is better not to interrupt, as this is your partner’s process of closure and you should respect that. In the end I will be beneficial to your relationship.

You can leave those small responsibilities in the hands of other members of your team which leaves you no time to expand your business or project new goals. You must consider yourself as the strategist that you are an essential part of the success of this venture. Don’t sell yourself short.


When you let a relationship rift, everything starts to fall apart. This is a day to rejuvenate your relationship, as both you and your partner have been closing your hearts and communication and affection do not flow naturally. The first thing is to break down those walls: this morning you have to melt in an embrace.

It’s a day to consider what new parcels you can receive. A time is coming that will be favorable for growth and you should be ready. But there is no successful development without planning beforehand. Where do you want to go? Where else can you be productive? Time to put it in writing.


Goods are goods, and love is love. There is no rule about what each has: if it becomes mutual, if each must keep it… What we have to do, if we are not sure about the duration of the couple, is that Let’s sit and talk about what we are doing. Going to do: A Just Heritage or two. This is an important decision.

Although everything around you is on fire, you must remain calm. Your world is not going to rock, and you can continue to grow and develop. Have faith in yourself, and do not deviate from the path you have set. Move forward safely without getting distracted or retracing your steps. You will prevail.


You have to rise above your personal ego at least for today. There is an argument that it is better not to happen, especially if it means that two people who love each other confront each other about issues that are better off forgotten. So put away those reproaches, pretend nothing happened, and let love lead the way.

Don’t risk your health by working a few more hours. What you’re going to draw doesn’t justify the damage you’re going to get. Rest and disconnection are essential to staying productive, and what you do by overloading yourself with work is going against your own future. The best thing you can do today is to say no.

Fish house

It is a day when it is not the promises that matter, but what we can give and do. There have been many times that you have said that you will do things that you did not intend to do. And he wears it. This is the day to show your partner that you are ready to lay down whatever you want with facts this time.

Don’t let others take credit for your efforts and efforts, because it has not been easy to make this whole setup alone. You have to be polite, but nothing more, up to a certain point. You have to claim what is rightfully yours, and that is recognition.


Your partner is waiting for a signal from you. One is that you have understood their claims, one is that you have finally understood their real needs. You can’t stop giving him what he asks for, because it’s fair and necessary. You need to commit yourself and show that you are in the process of change.

It is a good day for you to settle the accounts, which are really a mess. Only with a clear flow of your income source and its destination will you be able to exercise the necessary control over your wealth. It is essential that you do this as soon as possible and without any excuses.

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