Magali Medina criticizes Ethel Pozzo for showing every detail of her marriage: “Not everyone is interested”


Magali Medina criticized ethel wellWhen she published a video in which she appears handing out her wedding invitation on a motorcycle And, in addition, he took advantage of the minutes of his program “America Today” To do the same with his peers, a fact that did not go unnoticed by the popular.Magpie,

“Ethel is selling us her wedding, she wants us to talk about her ‘mother’. Why do you go to such an extent to sell your marriage? Throughout the day on his show, he starts talking about his ‘mother’. But, Ethel, how could this be national news? , It’s not like you’re the best and most attractive driver on Peruvian television,” said the redhead.

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Just like that, Magali Medina did not hesitate to mention Ethel Weil’s fiancée, about which he said that no one knew him. “No one knows the boyfriend (Julian Alexander). Maybe it’s a great love story for you, but not everyone is interested in knowing the details of your wedding.”Sentenced.

Magali gives advice to Ethel Pozzo

The host of “Magly TV, Firm” suggests being more careful with the details of your wedding to Ethel Pozzo.

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“When someone wants to have a discreet marriage in life, what you do is don’t talk about your marriage on your show. Let others find out and let others find the information. Handing over the invitation letter to him is recorded so that it is reported in the newspapers the next day. You have to take it easy,” said the journalist.

Magaly Medina on Gisela Valcarcel’s outfit: “She copies my look”

war of the day Driver Magali Medina criticized Gisela Valcarcel for the clothes he wore in the final version of “big star,

The back-and-forth rivalry between Magali Medina and Gisela Valcarcel doesn’t stop despite the age of their. Photo: Rachna Edu Gambo/LR/Facebook.

“I’ve come to the miniskirt to show ‘Giss’ (Gisella Valcarcel) how to use a miniskirt. Since she copies my look, I’ve decided that next week I’ll go with blonde hair.”He told in the first minutes of his program.

Magali Medina offers to give beauty advice to Gisela Valcarcel

Magali Medina He made an ironic comment where he slipped that she looked a lot more “attractive” than Gisela Valcarcel; Likewise, he dared to give her beauty advice.

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“Gisse, do you want me to give you some advice? Look, I can give you some really good advice on how to live that way, but You have to promise me to be disciplined and not make yourself anything unhealthy after walking the golf course.”, added ‘Magpie’.

Magali criticized Andrés Hurtado after allegations of fraud: “How can you lend yourself to that circus?”

In the final edition of 17 August, Magali Medina did not hesitate to criticize the presenter. andres hurtadoPedro Castillo, who had yet to fund a campaign in favor of people with cancer in Peru.

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“How are you going to be able to support your sympathies, your public in your right mind, that follows you and believes that you act from the heart? You for that circus, for that sport. How can I lend? Because a man like Andrés Hurtado, who has been on television for years—indeed, the experience he has—is not going to make any politician fall for a short game (…). His apology does not convince me, ”said the press lady.

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