LPG supply normal after several days of shortage


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In line with the announcement made by the Ministry of Energy and Mines (MINEM) and after three days of shortage of liquefied petroleum gas (kitchen gas) at service stations in Lima and other cities, Fuel supply was regulated in major ports of the country yesterday,

“ship now They are unloading completely normal in Callao and Pisco, and today (tomorrow) the supply is already back to normal”. Carlo de los Santos, representative of the Peruvian Society of Liquefied Gas (SPGL), commented to La Repubblica.

From these points, the fuel will be distributed throughout the national territory. “Pisco supplies the south and central part of Peru, and Talara and Callao serve other regions,” the union spokesperson explained.

The hydrocarbon expert also highlighted that, as of Tuesday, the Navy has authorized hourly landings of gas carriers, which have served households, households and social events such as Kali Varma and communal utensils as well as maintaining LPG supplies. Gave the permission to. Fuel intended for use in vehicles.

Queues and prices still high

However, despite regular supply, LPG shortage persisted at some places in Arequipa city till yesterday afternoon. Among these are Chasque Tap, South Tap and El Puente service stations where LPG was not, but signs with prices S/8.49 and S/8.75 were still displayed.

For their part, service stations in Trujillo lowered their prices, which were around S/15 on Monday, to S/9.98 from yesterday. Thus, at Repsol Tap in America Oste, where LPG was sold at S/14.89, it was reduced to S/9.98. Whereas at other service stations such as GasPetrol, located opposite Union Market, it reached S/10.98, as well as at Estrella Tap, fuel reached S/9.99.

In Lima, prices ranged from S/7.22 to S/12.15, according to Oceanergemin’s ‘Facilito’ platform.

According to De Los Santos, the shortage of LPG in some areas is due to the fact that after three days of shortage, taps take time to “update” their stock.

On the other hand, he said the rise in prices is a result of speculation. “These producers and exporters are selling LPG at international price and there is no increase (in fuel), but it is down,” the union spokesperson said.

wholesale prices increased

According to Petropero, the wholesale price of the main fuel for the week increased by up to S/0.24 per gallon.

97 and 95 octane gasoline increased from S/0.24 to S/19.74 and S/19.60 each. While 90 (s/16.94) and 84 (s/15.01) octane gasoline showed no change.

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