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According to the Spanish Society of Aesthetic Medicine, in 2021, more than 870,000 beauty treatments were performed in Spain, with the most sought-after (72%) being facial treatments.
(SEME). Four out of 10 people in Spain have had beauty treatments, 71.8% are women and 28.8% are men. But if anything draws attention from this SEME analysis, it’s the decline in the average age of access to these services, which has grown from 35 to 20 years: more and more young customers and younger ages are signing up for this trend. Botox and hyaluronic acid fillers, especially in the lips.

Judging by psychologists, this phenomenon is largely due to the influence of social networks and the weight of the image of perceived perfection on them. In some cases an attitude of measuring ourselves without distancing ourselves, with unattainable or outright unrealistic ideals, can hide (and exacerbate) serious self-esteem problems to which we should be vigilant.

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