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The political, economic and business opposition is wrong to justify their mistakes in the false idea of ​​what the president is building. López Obrador is a dictator.

Seriously, by doing so, far from achieving the “supposed” objective, they contribute to blurring the possibility of a democratic alternative through movement as it is taking place in political conversations and not elections. Thus, the partisan flags of those fighting for it become allies in returning to the past, from which we ran through the vote and, moreover, assume the position of masons of a new regime.

This is how the second call is given in the “Usher” game in the Theater of Politics before 2024. Some, like Senator Ral Paz and Deputy Yolanda de la Torre, go from non-existent characters in the media to key politicians in the decisions that define our future. Punishment or Convenience?

political opportunity? Independent institutions or instruments of peace for other actors?

Others like Alejandro Moreno go from traitor to whistleblower before country and “energy sovereignty” OAS (Does anyone know what happened to that complaint?); And now, to define myself as a coalitionist; Or, what is the same, a weathervane that the wind uses to move itself and not as a party because it is her responsibility not only against the PRI, but also against Mexican democracy.

This definition is reflected in his political decisions, but also in his party identity, which accounts for about 12% for the PRI and 9% for the PRI. Top the Pan with Marco Cortes (Demotechnic), The path for a one-dominated party is clear and he has contributed the most in Morena. Will they disappear? Absolutely not, they’ll keep them alive even against their leadership
To bring the past to life as a new regime.

“Allianceismo” continues to negotiate special votes without thinking about the country’s medium and long term. If they knew how to play the opposition or were serious, they would at least be trying to capitalize on the achievements and successes that they give to Murray.

Loyalty and principle “Usher” do not exist in the game. Those who are into it, go for the political tip. “Practical” would indicate that this is no surprise since there is no other way than before Murray and 57 percent of his allies (Demotechnics) intended to vote; And in a scenario in which the “corcholatas” are in a zero-sum game, that gives more power to the movement and to President López Obrador.

Note for the latter, that this will be the biggest challenge of the election of the candidate and the election campaign, because if we follow the same path, the position will not be of the person who governs, but of the person who, the demoscopic exercise Under “Umbrella”, defines the candidate.

Given what’s coming to Mexican politics, it’s time for us to stop using words like dictatorship or dictatorship, and start using words that correspond to the political moment. Otherwise, we would be living under assumptions and not realities, the result that the worst fears have a better chance of becoming reality, that applauds instead of votes, and civic oblivion combined with the lightness of which With business leaders taking their supposed lead, be it the sin that penance brings.

by Scar Sandoval Sainz
Advisor, Partner of 27 Pivot
[email protected]


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