LIVE: Subcommittee on constitutional charges meets and will look into complaints against Castillo and Boluarte


This Friday, September 23, Subcommittee meeting on constitutional charges from 11:00 a.m., and among the agenda items are constitutional complaints against the president Peter CastleFor alleged treason against the country and the Vice President Dina Boluartefor the alleged commission of various offences.

According to the agenda, the final report of the complaint against Castillo Terrones, will be prepared by Popular Action Congressman Wilson Soto, which recommends that the head of state be disqualified for five years for his statements about being out to sea. Go. Bolivia.

“We will take advice from the people. It requires citizenship for that to manifest itself. (…) What if the Peruvians agree? I owe myself to the people, I will never do anything that people do not want, ”the president told journalist Fernando del Rincón.

In relation to Boluarte Zegarra, Democratic Change Congressman Edgard Raymundo’s report on the determination of the facts and the relevance of the evidence will be reported.

In the agenda of the body of the Permanent Commission, headed by Lady Cammons, it is also reported that the Minister of Development and Social Inclusion presented his defense for the complaint for the alleged commission of offenses of omission, denial or delay. functional work, and inconsistent interactions or inappropriate use of the situation. This reportedly resulted in the signing of documents as president of the Apurimac club, when she was already serving as vice-president and head of Midis.

freddy diazoo

This Friday’s session will also vote on the merit report of constitutional complaints against the suspended MP. freddy diazoo for alleged violations of the Magna Carta and potential commission of the offense of rape,

Two constitutional complaints requested that Diaz Monago be sacked and disqualified for 10 years.

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