Legendary ultramarathon athlete attacked by coyote during race


TookLegendary Ultrarunner Dean Karnazes posted that he was attacked by a coyote during a 150-mile run in California.

One of the sport’s most famous athletes shared on social media that after a shark attack, he was now targeted by a completely different animal.

“I was attacked by a shark and now a coyote. Both incidents were horrific,” he shared on his Instagram account shortly after the attack.

How Dean Karnaz defended himself from a coyote attack

Dean Karnazes Defend yourself from a coyote attack by hitting the animal along one of the posts marking the race course.

“I’m not sure what I’m going to do. I guess I have to keep going or else he’ll probably come back for me.” karnazes Said in a video with blood on his face after the attack.

karnazes believes that the coyote attacked him and slammed him to the ground in an attempt to take his energy bars.

To avoid similar attacks karnazes Called tourists not to feed wild coyotes.

“As I’ve seen for the first time, people (mostly tourists) are feeding wild coyotes in the Marin Headlands area of ​​California. This has to stop,” he said.

“If you see someone feeding a coyote, please say something.

“The local rangers are doing the best, but we outperform the runners in these areas more than anyone else. Thank you. It’s the best for everyone, including the coyotes.”

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