Leeds warns Barcelona: We will have a global affair if they don’t make us pay for Rafinha


b.Arcelona have had an excellent summer transfer window despite their financial woes, having signed the likes of Robert Lewandowski and Raffinhas,

But the owner of Leeds Andrea RadizaniWho would be eager to get the full fee Barcelona owes to him rafinhaYou have sent a warning to the Catalan Club.

“I don’t know about behind the scenes and how they suddenly got the money and it works now, it’s not clear,” Radrizani told The Athletic about Barcelona.

“Look, I’ll tell you on September 2. If not, we’ll have a global case on all the media in the world about Barcelona,” he said.

Chelsea A settlement was reached for Rafinha, but the owner of Leeds admitted that the desire of the player and his agent, former Blagrana man Deco, put him in an awkward position.

“For me, it was done, and it’s my word when I have a deal. I’m ashamed to go back to Todd Boehli and change my position,” he admitted.

“We made a deal with Chelsea because the player wanted to go and he was ready to listen to offers from Premier League clubs.

“Chelsea was by his side [option], But unfortunately, let’s say Barcelona’s influence convinced the player to wait, to wait, to wait until they find a solution.

“It is again the power and leverage that players and their agents have in the system, which, to me, is exaggerated, too much.

“We invest a lot to build clubs. We invest crores but it takes all the power [with] Agents and representatives of these players.”

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