Laura Eskens reveals details of her first intimate encounter with Risto Mejide


Laura Escanes program has visited Martinez & Brothers Presented by comedian Dani Martinez with actor Fernando Tejero. After a joke by the host of the show during an interview with ‘Influencer’, Eskens reveals an anecdote that happened on the first night that Risto Mejide and they had an intimate relationship.

The conversation began when Laura Eskens assured that she had once woken up in her bed with someone she didn’t recognize and didn’t know who she was. Given this statement, Dani Martinez joked: “It was Risto, but he was not wearing glasses.” The comment made both Laura Eskens and Fernando Tejero and Valeria Ross laugh, who were also present on the set.

Laura Eskens in the Movistar+ program ‘Martinez y Hermanos’


This joke prompted Catalan to recall an anecdote about his first sexual experience with Risto Mezide. “I’m going to tell you a really funny thing about this”, Laura Eskens continued. ‘Impressive’ has reported that the first time she and the presenter spent a night together, Mejide made sure everything was as good as possible and was attentive to every detail. “It was the first time I slept with Risto. Everything was great, we finished, I look at him and say: ‘Do you always fuck with glasses?'”, Eskens has confessed. .

“He told me: ‘Oh, that’s what I forgot'”, Laura Eskens later added. The ‘Influencer’ has clarified that since that day he has never slept with Risto Mezide wearing glasses. “I have to say it’s never been with glasses, but the first time I said ‘hey, if that gets the character to the end'”, Caitlan joked on the program.

Laura Eskens in the Movistar+ program 'Martinez y Hermanos'

Laura Eskens in the Movistar+ program ‘Martinez y Hermanos’


Risto Mejide didn’t feel like taking off his glasses

Danny Martinez, Joe. let’s share a table in the jury got Talent Spain as Risto Mejide has admitted that he knew the story. The presenter has said that the publicist told her that for the first time with Laura Eskens. “The day he told me about it, he said ‘I was so nervous and I wanted everything to be so good I forgot'”, revealed Danny Martinez with a laugh, before ending the story.

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