Laporta: Barcelona have earned 868 million euros in two months


apresentation of t Robert Lewandowski as a new barcelona player, Joan Laporta expressed their confidence in being able to register all summer signings and therefore complying with LaLiga’s financial demands.

In fact, he boasted about completing the club’s financial operations in recent times. The president of Blagrana has revealed that the club has made 868 million euros, counting the four levers, in line with the TV rights and the sale of almost half of Barca’s studio, as well as capital gains.

“We’ve worked to register them all [new signings], We have worked hard and well to meet the requirements [of LaLiga],” They said.

“And if we need to do some more business, we’ll do it. We’re waiting. It’s a decision for LaLiga.

“We have complied with what is required. We are confident that we will be able to register them.”

about the new look barcelonaLaporta is excited.

“We’re building a great team, we’ve handled the pressure well. It’s a historic day. And we’ll keep working,” he said.

Feather lewandowski In particular, Laporta was pleased with the arrival of the pole.

“It’s a historic day. We were able to see it in the presentation. It’s one of those days when Cule feels the club more than ever,” he said.

“This shows that Barcelona is not just a club. Thank you [Robert] To try to eat. It was not easy, but we have done it.

“Starting with you, your agent, Matu Alemanni, through Jordi Cruyff … also board efforts. We’re all looking up to you because we knew you were special. You have the gift of scoring.

“You are serious, charismatic, well mannered and respectable. You earn the respect of people. I think it is proof that we are in a new, wonderful phase for Barcelona. We are very proud to have you here.” “

Lewandowski will wear the number 9 shirt, even if the number is already captured memphis depot,

“It was the club’s decision,” Laporta said. “For reasons that are in the interest of the club, for the image [reasons]for business reasons.

“We thought it was the right decision. Maximum respect to Memphis.”

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