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The tourism and restaurant industry is one of the main sectors where the need for hands-on work is evident, as evidenced yesterday during the celebration of the job fair: Work Close to You, which was organized by Department of Labor and Human Resources (DTRH) Organized in collaboration with the Municipality of San Juan.

there they appeared Some 88 employers are hoping to find candidates to fill over 4,000 of their available positions.DTRH Secretary Gabriel Maldonado Gonzalez explained.

Even then, When closing the doors of the Roberto Clemente Coliseum, where the event was held, the attendance balance was only 680 people.

,The biggest challenge for us is the English language. There is a very large population that applies to us who are very interested in working and wishing everyone in the world, but they don’t speak English at all. All of our guests are foreigners, so the only way we have to communicate with them is in English,” explains Cindy Hernandez, manager of human resources at the Ritz-Carlton Reserve’s Dorado Beach, when one of the main obstacles is being discovered. His mission to hire employees.

Hernandez was one of the human resources leaders who He attended the event with the intention of filling the 145 available spaces at his hotel between the positions of customer service, butler and cleaning, as well as handling food and beverages. Especially for this job fair, their target was to get 15 people who can go on to the next round of interviews.

but Proficiency in English is not the only challenge, Getting people who have driving skills to a luxury hotel and are willing to travel to Dorado (if they live in San Juan) also adds to the list of barriers to renting. This, despite the fact that in addition to special incentives for certain positions, the inn is offering a recruitment bonus of $500 and two meals a day, as well as a medical plan, among other benefits.

The Labor Secretary acknowledged that there is difficulty in recruiting new personnel, both in the private sector and in the government, which has led employers to expand their proposals to include additional bonuses in the case of the private sector and to add benefits as scheme physicians. Or offer a salary higher than the legal minimum.

“While we have a current minimum wage of $8.50, starting in January 2022, there are many employers who have raised that minimum wage for a variety of reasons, but mainly to ensure they have the talent they need to sustain their operations. retain and recruit.” Maldonado Gonzalez retained.

Labor reform comes to light

Although this job fair is held two days after the governor. Peter Pierluisic Signed the 2022 labor reform or Law 41, which establishes an increase in marginal benefits, a measure that has been criticized by many traders who argue the benefits are a blow to companies and rejected by Is fiscal inspection board For being “rigorous and that discourages investment”.

To which the secretary replied, “No employer recruits for a gift or because he essentially wants to help one person or another. Employers recruit because they need employees to maintain operations. So everyone has their own Gotta exercise.”

“I don’t want to guess what the board is going to do, I don’t know for sure. It’s their determination,” Maldonado said, “it’s governor Pedro Pierlusi’s public policy, we’re going to defend this measure.” As far as we have to go to ensure that it is implemented as approved.”

Beyond the debate over the impact of the new benefits required by Law 41 of 2022, human resources representatives from companies interviewed during the job fair echoed Hernandez and the challenges he faced, along with the urgent need to find talent. process.

from the non-profit sector, They have 40 to 50 positions to work at the Head Start Center in the organization’s new project, the San Juan area, said Crystal Bonilla, the coordinator of recruitment and training for the Sore Isolina Ferrer Center (CSIF). What you’re looking for include administrative staff, kitchen staff, teachers, and teacher assistants. Fortunately, he said that by noon he had identified a dozen people who could go on to the second round of interviews.

Bonilla acknowledged that in terms of pay, the nonprofit sector is at a disadvantage, but they compensate with other benefits such as vacation days and other work privileges that allow the employee more free time and therefore a better quality of life. allow.

the other side of the coin

On the part of the participants, there are also more challenges than finding a job, finding a position that is in line with what they have studied and their professional aspirations.

An example of this is 21-year-old Sergio de Jesus and recent graduate of Universidad de Sagrado Corazon where he studied animation in 2D and 3D. De Jesus said during his visit yesterday at the event organized by DTRH that he has already been to five job fairs and seen many businesses that are looking for workers but not related to their studies. He said he always sees a lot of restaurants or options in the graphic arts and promotions sector.

Another participant in the program, Bianca Calderone, said that although she is not unemployed, she has been trying without success for over a year to find a job in the marketing field she studied, especially in the restaurant sector. This is the first job fair for Calderon, which previously focused on filling out online applications.

Likewise, it was the first job fair for 22-year-old Veronica Colon, who recently graduated with a bachelor’s degree in psychology and is looking for a job to become independent, although she has to go back to school to earn a master’s degree. making plans.

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