Laboretta, without any ado, by Ignacio Martínez de Pisón



Last Monday marked twelve years since the death of Jose Antonio Labordeta and today a documentary dedicated to his portrait by his daughters Paula and Gazza Urresti has been released in cinemas. Leberdetta was many things: a precocious poet, a late singer, always a musician, at times a politician, an avant-garde novelist, an ambassador of the Aragonese, an irreverent walker, a television personality, a historian of his time… the audience Laboretta, a man without much You’ll get to know all those aspects of his public life and his most intimate and familiar side, from the hands of his widow and three daughters: how to shake the images of the home video in which he appears on his final Christmas, of 2009, throughout his life. singing with family Kukurkuku Dove,

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