La Pella with air traffic


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i share Photos of La Vanguardia Readers This very curious snapshot of the sunrise along the air traffic trail, taken from La Paella beach in Torredembarra.

Airplanes create a trail of vapor after the process of kerosene combustion. The gases expelled by the engine come out at a much higher temperature than outside.

The sudden change in temperature at an altitude of more than 30,000 feet (50 degrees in the environment) leads to the immediate condensation of the water present in this mixture of substances. That’s why those marks appear in the sky.

Pella Beach It is located in the Els Mantes area, which has a marina and also has an area for sports practice. Its width is up to 90 meters in some parts and its total length is about one kilometer.

Here we find the Paseo Maritimo which continues along the beach of Barrio Maritimo. El Rocar is also located (an area of ​​rocks about 2,000 m long and a maximum height of 25 m which runs from La Pella to Cala Canadell).

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Autumn sunrise along the condensation trails at La Pella beach.

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