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‘La Nina’ is already a hit


In recent months, incessant rains have affected practically the entire national region, with a profound effect on the production of various agricultural sectors. However, according to the Institute of Hydrology, Meteorology and Environmental Studies (IDEA), this climate phenomenon known as ‘La Nia’ is more likely to hit in the coming months.

In other words, heavy rains will continue to lash crops and agricultural activities along with over 400 municipalities in some 28 departments of the country. The consequences of intense rainfall are many: a reduction in the size of production expected, for example, of coffee; Delays in planting in the case of rice and pastures in livestock have an effect on meat and milk.

In addition, the heavy rainy season worsens the already difficult conditions of many intermediate roads in agricultural municipalities, making it even more difficult to access markets for crops and other products. If we add to all of the above that a significant component of the rise in consumer price inflation is the cost of basic food items, it is clear that this is a situation that the national government should pay attention to.

Water falling from the sky has always been a boon for most agricultural products. However, any additions, such as a winter wave and a worsening of ‘La Nia’, require a public policy to regulate itself and cut the vicious cycle of devastating rains and hopeless droughts that keep crop circles under control. kicks out.

Francisco Miranda Hamburger
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