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Following the restrictions due to the pandemic, there will be no restrictions on a wide range of music at the MERS festivals this year. A return to normality with its famous three pillars in the Musica Merce, BAM and Asio Cultura Viva, and Rome as the guest city in this version (female choir led by Vinicio Capocella, Paolo Angeli, Mannarino or Rachele Andrioli).

Vinicio Caposella at a concert in Callitri, Italy

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The most comprehensive proposal in all its sense is the Musica Merce (BAM is committed to current, inclusive and experimental proposals while the Acció Cultura Viva focuses on cultural democracy as a programmatic axis) which will have eight decentralized phases, in the Ronda di Sant. A new phase will be involved. Antoine, in the University area of ​​Pedralbes, the Doc Pla i Armengol garden or the recovered Avenida Maria Cristina where offers of radio stations will be found.

Another notable innovation is the premiere of journalist and cultural manager, Gisela Sass, as the new artistic director of the Musica Merce, the backbone of the sonic festivals. He acknowledges that this is his beginning in these works and that “the most important thing when it comes to programming is that everyone who lives in Barcelona finds their own concert in La Mercae. And this is the social diversity of the city.” also refers to; it is something that is always taken into account but not always achieved”.

The most important thing when programming is that everyone living in Barcelona finds their concert in La Mercy

Gisela SaisoArtistic Director of Sangeeta Mercy

Musically, Sass has opted to “emphasize dance music, reflecting the idea of ​​celebration and celebration, and taking into account where we are after the pandemic and the joy of meeting again.” come from”. This is why “all the stages end with a dance concert, and there is a new stage, in a ronda. Sant Antoine is devoted only to that type of music.”

Photo Alex García Musician Pau Riba and playwright talk about their recent children's memoir 2014/07/17

Archive image of Pau Riba, one of the dignitaries honored at the festival

alex garcia

He was also very aware of “paying homage to very important composers, that is, not forgetting the teachers”, as in this case to Pau Riba or Tete Montolieu on the 25th anniversary of his death. The latter will be in teatre Greek, “a phase that this year we still have in the form of the embers of the pandemic, but will certainly not happen next year because it is not very profitable for large productions.” And another important innovation is that “the Bogtel stage is programming a day of urban music, including ELICEZ, 31FAM and Santa Salut, because “I’ve really tried to see that starting from teens to young people.” What do people like”.

Tribe (T) Pau Riba

Friday. Cathedral Avenue (10 p.m.)


Family and friends pay tribute to Pau Riba as a complete artist, including poet, writer and thinker. There will be voices from poets such as Sylvia Pérez Cruz, Joan Garriga or Adria Punti or Enrique Casas


Friday. Bogtail Beach (11:30 p.m.)


:Christian Quirante would break down the songs from his debut album as Alizez, “There Must Be Something Else”, a mix of rock with synths and lots of energy on stage. He will premiere his controversial single “Que Pasa Nan” live.

Asma Hamzaki and Banat Timbuktu

Friday. Rambla del Raval (12:30 a.m.)


The lyrics revolve around the narration of living stories by Asma Hamzaoui from Gaanawa Music. With her band Banat Timbuktou, she is a female representative of Gambari, Northwest African, Maghreb folklore.


Friday. Cathedral Avenue (Midnight)


The Barcelona debut of Roman Mannarino, one of the great stars of Italian song, with Macrobanda and where he would offer, among others, the lyrics of his latest album “V”.

John Dog

Saturday. Cathedral Avenue (Midnight)


The call is titled “La Banda de Juan Pero: Libertad”, and features Santiago Osrón’s alter ego on his latest album of the same name in quintet format with a replacement guitarist for the late Joan Vinials.

vinicius caposella

Saturday. Greek Theater (10:15 p.m.)


Capossella travels through Barcelona, ​​recovering the most famous songs of his career, in an essential rendition for lovers of traditional sounds and Italian song, where he will present an anthropomorphic performance.

ray lemma

sunday. Greek Theater (Midnight)


Composer, pianist and guitarist pays a fitting tribute to Franco Luambo, father of Congolese rumba, updating and opening up new perspectives in his repertoire

lola indigo

sunday. c/ marty i française (10:55 pm)


Andalusian singer and dancer Lola Andigo will show on the ground the reasons that have made her one of the undisputed queens of urban pop in Spain.

25 years of understanding Tate Montoliu

sunday. Greek Theater (8:30 p.m.)


The second great tribute to the missing masters falls on the pianist Tate Montoliu, who died a quarter century earlier but left an indelible mark. An extensive list of colleagues will remember him under the leadership of pianist Ignacy Terrazza. Mireia Feliu will also be among the guests, recalling the long years of collaboration between her Aunt Nuria and Tete. His Aunt Nuria Feliu,


monday. Old Estrella Dam Factory (7:15 pm)


Brothers Pedro and Benito Jiménez are some of the most unusual as well as brilliant sonorous and artistic alchemists on the national scene. His shows of flamenco, electronics, humour, social criticism and audio-visual experimentation make a mark.

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