Kicos with Guacamole, Picana Air Bags or Crockers with Leche de Tigre… 12 Recipes for a Nato Dinner at the Royal Palace





Welcome Dinner Menu in royal palace The heck offered by the Kings will feature Meniere sauce, tapioca and trout roe as main dishes.

they will sit at the main table 58 guests Plus Don Felipe and Donna Letizia.
all nato countries
guests of Asia, Pacific or European Union,

Guests will enjoy a menu prepared by the chef paco ronceroWhich has two Michelin stars, starting with the cocktail-type aperitif.

will include twelve plates Which would be the following:

– Rounded olives.

– Red Tuna Brioche with Old Mustard.

-Korvina Ceviche with Tiger Milk.

-Picanha air bags.

-Oil Soup and Lobster with Pink Grapefruit.

– Shrimp Omelette.

Marinated sardines with romescu sauce.

-Glazed Beef Tacos.

-Smoked Salmon Gilda.

-Garlic Shrimp Croquettes.

-Kikos with guacamole.

-cod fritters.

Gazpacho with basil oil.

At the end of the cocktail, the already seated guests will be served main dishThat would include hake with Meniere sauce, tapioca, and trout roe.

for dessertCoconut froth with peppermint granita and passion fruit.

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