Kerala worst in liquor consumption, crime against women highest: BJP


Kerala is number one in recorded crime rates, the BJP leader said. (Figurative)


BJP State Vice President KS Radhakrishnan on Friday supported Uttar Pradesh Prime Minister Yogi Adityanath’s comment during a political rally and criticized the Kerala government saying that per capita liquor consumption and crime rate in the state they are the tallest among others.

Adityanath, in his appeal to voters, has said: “Be alert. If you miss this time, the five-year effort will be gone. And UP will soon become Kashmir, Kerala or Bengal. This vote will be your guarantee for a lifetime.” without fear”.

Mr. Radhakrishnan, while speaking to ANI, said: “I find nothing wrong with Yogi Adithyanath’s statement. What he said means that the UP electorate should use their right to vote wisely to avoid the presence of certain groups. that destroy Bengal”. You know what’s going on in Kashmir and you know what’s going on in Bengal, and what’s going on now under the regime of the great lady, Mamata Banerjee.”

“The point is that both CM Pinarayi Vijayan and LoP Rahul Gandhi boast that Kerala is one of the best, their model must be presented to the whole world. I totally disagree with that opinion. The so-called Kerala Model is applauded for its contributions in education, health and social welfare, but what exactly is the contribution of these political organizations? It has been started from the beginning by the ancient kings. They have given their contribution to improve the educational system in Kerala.” He said expanding his support for the observation.

Further criticizing the Kerala model, the BJP State Vice President said, “What is the current state of higher education in Kerala? Can it be treated as a model? No sensible person will say that the higher education system is a model for the whole state. In many ways, we are far behind even Bihar.”

“Kerala is number one in liquor consumption per capita. Kerala is number one in torturing women in the name of dowry. Kerala is number one in recorded crime rates. Our contribution to the industry is zero. We are not getting any better.” agricultural production. Our presence in agriculture is not commendable. It is an economy that relies on the money order system. Can it be treated as a model state?” she claimed.

He then questioned what happened to industrialization in Kerala and why the state does not get enough industries. “What is the reason? The reason is that Kerala has been ruled by the CPIM and they have created an idea that income earners are sinners. That mentality has not changed,” she said.

“We do not have a sufficient number of hospitals to serve the health needs of the people of Kerala,” Radhakrishnan said, adding that the only improvement in the health sector is due to the presence of private entrepreneurs.

Slamming Gandhi for coming out in support of the Kerala model, he said: “The unfortunate fact is that Rahul Gandhi does not know the history of India, the culture of India. He is Eurocentric to the core, and moreover, by choice and will. , he is an Italian. But unfortunately he was born here. So he is a citizen of India. But by spirit and by taste, he shares Italian brotherhood. Such a man is incapable of knowing what exactly Indian culture is.”

“There is strength in our Union. Our Union of Cultures. Our Union of Diversity. Our Union of Languages. Our Union of People. Our Union of States,” Gandhi had tweeted.

“From Kashmir to Kerala. From Gujarat to West Bengal. India is beautiful in all its colors. Do not insult the spirit of India,” she said while reacting to Adityanath’s comment.


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