KEANE KILLS IT AGAIN! Roy’s savage remark reduces Neville & Wright to giggles

Gary Neville and Ian Wright in Stitches as Roy Keane Teases Jill Scott About Tennis Title

The England squad is gearing up for the European Championship, and our beloved pundits are doing their thing on TV. Gary Neville, Ian Wright, and Roy Keane are commentating for ITV, while Jill Scott is part of the crew on YouTube’s The Overlap.

The latest episode of Stick To Football, brought to you by Sky Bet, featured a hilarious conversation between the pundits. Keane, being his usual cheeky self, decided to poke fun at Scott’s tennis skills. Scott, it turns out, was Sunderland’s under-13 tennis champion.

Keane asked Scott if she played tennis as a kid, and she proudly revealed her title. Neville chimed in, saying he couldn’t imagine there being many tennis courts in Sunderland. Keane then delivered the zinger: "That’s why she’s the champion. There was no playing! Jesus."

The group erupted into laughter, and even Scott couldn’t help but chuckle. Keane’s sarcastic remarks always bring the humor.

But away from the tennis banter, Neville shared an interesting observation about the sporting events he’s attended. "I’ve been to two sporting events that people love, but I thought were massively disappointing and they aren’t spectator sports live," he said. "I went to the Ryder Cup final day in 2013, and you can’t see anything. The other was the Grand Prix in Abu Dhabi, and I thought it was the worst experience."

Neville went on to say that these events made him respect football even more. "When you’re watching football, you’re in the stadium, everyone is so engaged in what’s going on, and it’s an amazing sport to watch."

What do you think about Keane’s cheeky comments and Neville’s observation about sporting events? Let us know in the comments!

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