Kang Tae Oh and other military-cut Korean celebrities who captivated the public


want to see kang tae oh with military cuts It saddened and captivated fans at the same time. On the one hand, the image of an actor with a shaved head aroused sadness. for his imminent entry into the South Korean army, On the other side of the story, the public couldn’t help but notice how well the heartthrob of “Wu, an extraordinary lawyer” wore on.

Kang Tae Oh in the army. Photo: Naver

In that scenario, curiosity arose to meet other famous Koreans. k pop And this K-Drama With a military-style haircut whose visuals mesmerized the fans. who are they? Who would you add to this list?


Before entering service, in July 2021, the leader of MONSTA X gave Minhyuk the honor of having a portion of his head shaved. He later left the military cut in the hands of his stylist and these were the results.

EXO’s DO and Xiumin

Xiumin was the first EXO member to join forces; DO later followed suit, although he did not belong to the group’s ‘hyung line’. What did the statues look like? For many netizens, the singers definitely exuded a celebrity aura and looked so good that it didn’t feel like they were performing civic duty.

Doo Kyungsu is the lead singer of EXO. Photo: Naver

In May 2019, EXO’s Xiumin entered the Korean Army as an active soldier. Photo: Naver

gong yu

After completing his military service in 2009, Gong Yu was welcomed by a group of 200 fans from Japan, Korea and Taiwan. The actor entered the height of his career, after starring in the iconic Korean series “The Coffee Prince” in 2007.

Gong Yu in the army. Photo: Naver

Gong Yu served in the military from 2007 to 2009. Photo: Naver

Gong Yu in the army. Photo: Naver

Lee Jung Jae

The “Squid Game” star passed out of his military service in 1994, shortly before he achieved eventual fame for “Sandglass”. According to information released on Naver, he worked with star MC UJ Suk, whom he is still friends with.

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hyun bin

Hearts of Crash Landing on You was one of the most admired Soldiers between 2011 and 2012. He served in the Marine Division and was highlighted as an example in his platoon by successfully completing difficult military tasks.

Hyun Bin in the army. Photo: Naver

Lee Min Ho

The ‘Raja of Hallyu’ served as a public servant from 2017 to 2019 due to injuries from previous accidents. Still, like any recruit, he went through basic military training for the first few weeks and had to get a regulation haircut.

Lee Min Ho in the army. Photo: Naver

Lee Min Ho and his haircut as a soldier. Photo: Naver

woo do havana

After successfully completing the broadcast of “The King: Eternal Monarch”, Wu Do Hwan said goodbye to his hair and packed his bag to enter the army. Well-known K-drama lead figure Lee Min Ho accompanied ‘Unbreakable Sword’ in a haircut session.

Lee Min Ho with Wu Do Hwan, who enlisted for active military service on July 6, 2020. Photo: Instagram

Wu Do Hwan in the army. Photo: Twitter

kim hyun jong

Kim Hyun Jong was discharged from the army in February 2017 after serving 21 months. The star, who returned to Peru in October 2022, entered the army as an active soldier in May 2015.

Kim Hyun Jong during his military service. Photo: Naver

Kim Hyun Jong during his mandatory service in South Korea. Photo: Naver


Leader became the second SHINee member to join forces after Onyu. The vocalist of the group entered the military band and served from March 2019 to October 2020.

Shiny’s Key. Photo: Naver

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Kang Tae Oh begins his military service

On 20 September, Kang Tae Oh took a temporary leave from artistic life due to the start of his military service. The heartthrob of “Lawyer Wu” will serve as an active soldier in the army. Due to the modus operandi and branch, it is expected to return in March 2024.

Kang Tae Oh enters military service. Photo: Sports Chosun

Which Korean actors will go into the army in 2022?

This year, many kdrama figures are going to be called into the army. In addition to Kang Tae Oh, Kim Ming Kyu (“job offer”), Song Kang “Love Alarm,” and Nam Joo Hyuk “Twenty One, Twenty One” are mentioned.

Nam Joo Hyuk, actor and model. Photo: TVN

Song Kang was born on 23 April 1994 and is currently one of the most popular Korean actors globally. Photo: Namu Actor

Everyone named was born in 1994 and is 28 years old. That is the maximum age at which a South Korean citizen must enlist in compulsory military service. Only one exception is applicable to members of BTS, as seven performers have the possibility of deferring this responsibility until the age of 30.

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