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Jupiter will be 375 million kilometers closer to Earth: date and time






The oldest planet in the Solar System will appear bigger and brighter. So you can appreciate it.

next Monday September 26, Jupiter will reach closest distance to Earth in 59 years, This means that this planet will appear much brighter and bigger than itself.

In this occasion, the event coincides with another one known as ‘opposition’, which refers to the fact that the star would be positioned opposite the Sun, an event occurring every 13 months, but it not normal that it matches Jupiter’s closest approach to Earth,

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The planet will be 375 million kilometers closer, because On Monday it will be located at a distance of 590 million kilometersWhen normally its distance is 965 million kilometers.

“CGood binoculars should show three or four satellites in the band (at least the central band) and the Galilean satellites (the Moon)“, explained astrophysicist Adam Kobelsky, according to the Spanish media ‘ABC’.

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To see this celestial phenomenon, Kobelsky recommends in a dark, high field and using a good telescope., This means that it can be seen during the night hours of that September 26.

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