Judge squeezes Eloi Badiya for ‘finger-to-finger’ concession to some illegal residents


Updated: 09.23.2022 at 5:30 PM.

The investigating judge of Barcelona’s Room 27 has tightened Eloi Badiya To a group of squatters for the direct adjudication of a municipal property. The magistrate has asked the councilor of Barcelona en Comme whether the concessions were normal with fingerTo which the mayor replied that this was “normal” and that it was done with all types of entities, promising Togado that he would give a list of beneficiary associations.

This judicial launch is the most outstanding thing that happened in Badiya’s announcement today Investigated By rhetorical You embezzlement For the management of the self-styled Castle Popular Tres Liris de Gracia. The election answered questions from both sides, the defense – headed by eminent lawyer olga tubau, As explained by the Global Chronicle–and the allegation, and a request for clarification from the judge, who has inquired about the nature of direct reward.

Pulse for municipal inaction

Another highlight of Badia’s presence coincided with the municipality’s inaction with the Tres Lyris raiders. Prosecution, represented by lawyer Jose Ramon Sournikhas surrounded the councilor with the ugliness that “he did nothing” since 2017 when the district of Gracia, until 2020, until the prosecutor’s office started that works because of the noise of the parties trespasser,

According to the interpretation of judicial sources, the transaction between the lawyer and the mayor due to the activation or inaction of the municipal government with the intruders has also aroused the interest of the magistrate.

long legal team

Now Bagge will examine the statements of Badiya and the other four investigators who have given their reasons today. They are municipal officials, the most important of which is the current manager of the district of Gracia. they are all protected tubou and of alex solaThat’s why he hasn’t used his lawyers from the Barcelona city council.

In fact, resort to Toubeau, the lawyer who acquitted Mossos d’Esquadra Major Josep Luis Trapero for his role in processAnd one of the best penalty shooters in Barcelona, ​​is not new. Janet SanjuDeputy Mayor of Urban Planning, also Put signature on to defend oneself in a professional Buenos Aires casewho investigates the municipal blockade of a luxury hotel, and in which he is charged.

What did the district of Gracia do between 2015 and 2022?

In the case of Badia, the procedure adopted in the investigation room number 27 in Barcelona seeks to clarify whether the management of the district of Gracia, together with the former national police station in Plaça Lesseps, is now Castle Popular Tres LirisIt was probably criminal. This is because the property was illegally occupied in 2015 and despite this, the district gave it to its occupants in 2017.

A closure order was issued for misusing permits granted in 2021, but the resolution was delayed, or “rescheduled”. During this the residents of Tres Liris sent many complaints to the administration. Noise, and urged to execute the shutdown. Finally, this year, the district signed another deal with the Squatters, giving them back the building,

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