Juan Carlos Girouta: Sanchez, joke article


Lawyers are really enjoying the air conditioning. Four words get us excited: Who has the competition? General economic planning is ‘of the state’. Oh that expression. As if autonomous communities were not a state. The terminological ambiguities of the Constitution have resulted in; Look at this idea of ​​what our pseudo-nations have built up about the nature of institutions and regional power. Returning to our business, it is up to them to autonomously manage their buildings, which obviously includes regulating the thermostat. Who has the competition? From there come the formidable desktops, especially in the guilds of administrators, labor and constitutionalists (the real ones, not the hardworking ones who ignore the concept of liberal democracy). Like so many things that end in the Constitutional Court, there is some interest in the in-principle debate and none in the sentence, which could come when Feizu completes his second term. As far as the obtuse limit of 27 degrees is concerned, this August must have been really hotly debated. However, in his line, the government of ‘Viva la Gent’ discovers his new swindle after publishing and airing it in the BOE. never said better. So labor law is imposed and you can only torture at 25 degrees. The discussion remains less heated, and the Labor Party expels. 27 degrees was brutally illegal. Why didn’t the head of Labor raise his hand in the Council of Ministers? Or why didn’t they call him to ask if he was on tour? Some subordinates should know. A posterior emphasizes the exceptions of hospitals, hairdressers and the like. This was common sense, although Sanchez’s comedians did not specify. They insist on not giving advice, they have a legacy of fingertip advisors! Perhaps no one touches labor law. Learn in that house of pranks that common sense is always at hand, even if it sounds quirky, even if it makes you scream. Before launching your stink bombs as a decree ask yourself if you are not acting up to the prevailing laws. Of course, accustomed to defying the Constitution, making their treaty requirements on it, dragging it like chewing gum, reserving its title, chapter and article for their pillow fight, it is normal for them to disregard all the rest of the legal system. Is. , always hierarchically below the Magna Carta. To avoid a ridiculous future, I suggest you apply rationality, even if you don’t know the law. Or knowing that he has decided to put it to his service, either because the minister is an infidel, or because he follows the alternative use of law, that meta-legal justification, thanks to which, for example Progressive judges make laws. Remember this, guys: the law is always rational. In fact it is reason, reason dressed in society and invested with compulsive force. Cheer up and let go of the dark side, it looks better to be ruled by the lights. It is not going to happen that in that flight from the Enlightenment that defines the New Left (irrational regardless of its origin or, if you prefer, cognitive relativistic, which is the same) the final interpretation of a Sanchista obsession is found: we Dark inside. Be smart – otherwise this newspaper wouldn’t be in your hand or on the screen – by now you’ll know that shutting down cities at night is parrot chocolate. My thesis was highlighted in these pages: This is a dramatization. I won’t repeat myself. How much do Sanchez’s measures contribute to a 7 percent reduction in gas consumption? where are the numbers? What are these prohibitions based on that, no matter how much the Sanchista press scoffs at them, exceeds measures in urban lighting in the rest of Europe? Indeed, the cities in which it is placed are limited to the closure of monuments (not all) and the headquarters of public administration. Where light advertising in shops is prohibited, in the French case, cities with no more than 800,000 residents are included, and the switch-off occurs at one in the morning, not at ten at night. Although according to Sanchez’s applause, France plans to do the same thing as Spain. think to do. Of course, no one considers the loss of profits, the decline in consumption is projected in hotels, restaurants, entertainment, taxis. You don’t want to go out for a walk, and even less to have fun, in dark cities and, therefore, unsafe. For the simple mind, what is not seen does not exist. But it exists: income from key sectors will suffer in terms of GDP and employment. It would make more sense now to invest in more efficient lighting and construction. Looks like Madrid is ready for it. If so, we will face a rule without exception: Ayuso always exposes the Sanchez government, he is ahead of him in everything and ends up copying his policies after a time of media lynching. Curiously, Minister Calvino, who seemed ready, lashed out at the President of Madrid: «A real law must be followed. We are already used to this type of reaction from Mrs Diaz Ayusso, who always shows a lack of solidarity and selfishness. Be careful, he may be smart, but to find out if he is irreplaceable, I am waiting for him to say something like this: “The Constitution and the decisions of the court must be obeyed. We cannot get used to this type of violation by the Catalan government, which always shows a lack of solidarity, selfishness and contempt. In addition to practicing treason.

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