Journalist quits his job and opens only fan: now he earns 3 million dollars a year


A 33-year-old woman quit her career as a journalist in the City of London, EnglandTo create erotic digital content on the platform of fan only, Thanks for your new aspect, His annual earnings are three million dollars.

Is known Lean LondonAccording to the SDP Noticias portal, the adult content platform has over 900,000 subscribers.

“Nothing is forbidden. You can explore your deepest and darkest fantasies with me”, reads the description of his OnlyFans account.

In this way, he went from writing news in various local media to earning big bucks with erotic and dominating content.

Lean London’s profile subscription costs $5 per month, but a video call connection costs $500 for five minutes.

Leanne London created her own content on TikTok and based on the hundreds of comments she got, she got the idea to open an OnlyFans account. Photo: Rachna LR/Instagram/@missleaannelondon

Leanne London, From Journalist to OnlyFans Model

The OnlyFans model claimed that she switched careers after a journalism career didn’t make the money she had always imagined. For this reason, she decided to become a model of the popular website.

On the portal, try to attract more people with a provocative message: “Does your girlfriend scold you all the time? Come and escape boredom with me.”

However, before earning millions on OnlyFans, London wanted to become a professional actress. Everything changed when she realized that “a million other beautiful brunettes are chasing the same dream”.

She started in the world of journalism when she was 27, and writing for major outlets such as Woman & Home, Now Magazine, and Women’s Health, she knew that, for her, it wasn’t even her goal.

Subsequently, Leanne London created her own material. TIC Toc And, as a result of the hundreds of comments he received, he got the idea to open an OnlyFans account.

For his birthday, the journalist stopped broadcasting to raise money for the Mind and Stroke Association.

“I will also donate my hair to the Little Princess Trust, a charity that makes wigs for children with cancer and other illnesses,” she said.

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