Johnny Depp’s new love affair with a lawyer


looks like the actor Johnny DeppThe 59-year-old is starting to rebuild his life with his ex-wife after a controversial trial Amber Heard, 36 years old, before summer. The legal battle between two interpreters has been one of the most followed battles in the past decade. Following the verdict, Depp and Heard are trying to start their lives judiciously and out of the media spotlight. However, the newspaper daily mail has published a news story about the actor’s new relationship with the lawyer who represented him in a trial in 2020.

According to British media, Johnny Depp is dating 37-year-old lawyer Joel Rich, who defended the interpreter in the defamation suit the actor filed against the newspaper. Sun in the year 2020. At that time, the actor had lost his mind, but it seems that he has found a new love.

Actor Johnny Depp at trial in Fairfax, Virginia

Steve Halber / AFP

In recent months, Johnny Depp and Amber Heard have received a lot of media attention and information about the actor’s alleged relationship has not stopped. For a few weeks, Johnny Depp was linked with 38-year-old Camille Vasquez, the actor as one of the lawyers in his trial against Amber Heard in the court of Fairfax, Virginia (United States).

According to the information published on this occasion and by daily mail, Johnny Depp may be dating Joel Rich. The lawyer works for a major law firm that has represented Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, among other familiar faces. Also, as per the above media, Rich is married and has two children, but she is in the process of divorce from her current husband.

Johnny Depp and his lawyer Camille Vasquez hug

Johnny Depp and his lawyer Camille Vasquez hug at the Fairfax trial.

third parties

Joel Rich was not part of Johnny Depp’s defense in the lawsuit against Amber Heard last April. However, he was present in the Fairfax courtroom following the case closely and extending his support to Depp. According to daily mail, In remarks made by Rich during the Fairfax trial, the attorney said she was present because it was a “personal” matter. A few words that explain themselves now.

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