John Mueller: Calvino’s Success


The ‘popular’ deputy Jaime D’Olano is a stubborn man who sees nothing good in the management of the government. Yesterday he insisted on criticizing Nadia Calvino’s decision to appoint Mariano Bacigalupo as director of the National Securities Markets Commission (CNMV) because, according to her, there is a “conflict of interest”. As a good ally, the first vice president defended the “absolute” suitability of the third vice president, Teresa Ribera’s husband, to fulfill the position, paying around 140,000 euros per year. Olano refuses to see the significant institutional reform that Calvino’s decision implies. According to the PP deputy, there is a conflict of interest because Ribera “makes daily decisions regarding companies under the control of the CNMV” where her husband is. In fact, the situation will be far less bad than before in terms of our institutional collapse. Basiglupo comes from being director of the National Markets and Competition Commission (CNMC), where his decisions fell in almost 100% of cases to companies regulated by his wife. The correction is that now, from his position at CNMV, Basigalupo may only have to intervene in certain matters of companies affected by Ribera’s decisions and there will be a large margin of cases that will strictly avoid the family sector. Therefore, there has been an objective improvement in the situation. Carlos Arenillas was “absolutely” suitable for the position of vice president of the CNMV, but it turned out to be a PSOE submarine that blew up the organization from within the force in 2007 following the resignation of Manuel Conthe, who was at the time. President Arenillas Zapatero was in charge of aligning most of the directors according to the will of the executive and separating Conthe, when the question of sanctions against Anel and Aciona was debated for their maneuvers in the Endesa takeover bid that hindered the German offer. Was. e.on When Conte resigned, he demanded the resignation of only one more person – Arenillas – for the apparently secret work he had done in the supervisory body. Like Basiglupo, Arenillas was also married to a socialist minister (Mercedes Cabrera) and was president of Intermani, one of the financial intermediation firms that became a breadbasket for upper-class socialists. Basiglupo-Ribera was a neighbor of Sánchez-Gómez in Madrid in the same urbanization and they shared drinks on Saturday. Basiglupo’s career at CNMC is said to have always been in line with the wishes of the executive. His arrival at the CNMV is a warning to President Rodrigo Buenaventura, who has shown freedom of mind from the government, especially in the Indra case. Now, Buenaventura, precisely a disciple of Conthe, already has Arenelus of his own. [email protected]

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