Jobs in Spain for Peruvians: 5 Trusted Pages to Find a Job


Work abroad There is often an opportunity for economic and personal growth for many Latinos, including Peruvian, in that respect, Spain It is considered as one of the most chosen destinations to seek employment and improve the quality of life.

Driven by an interest in exploring other realities or achieving monetary stability, many compatriots investigate the options for working abroad. For those who hold a European passport, the Iberian Peninsula country could become a place to enter and settle in the labor market.

Peruvians, Colombians, Venezuelans and other foreigners can consult jobs in other countries from employment platforms available on the Internet, before deciding to travel.

employment websites to work in spain


eurojobs a website where jobs are posted Spain, France, Germany, Malta, UK, Romania and Estonia. However, the portal also has job offers in non-European countries such as Qatar, Argentina, Canada, China and others.

Interested people can create user for free and upload their resume. Then, they have to filter the job search by location, category, salary, position or company.

It should be noted that there are more than 7 million job opportunities. Find out what they are on the page eurojobs,


spider web really It has over 96,000 job offers for all of Spain. In addition, it allows free access to thousands of businesses, publishing CVs and researching different companies.

To login to the website, it is necessary to register on the official platform of really And filter the search by job or location.


expatica is a news and information website specifically targeting expatriates and the international community.

bram labow Founded the company with the aim of helping expatriates to establish themselves in Europe. This portal works as a company location for those who migrate to and from their homeland and as an employment place.

Registration is free and can be done from expatica, On the forum you can find job offers and guidance on the culture of the country of interest.

Job Without Experience:

There is another option to get a job first jobA perfect portal for students without previous university cycles, recent graduates or work experience.

The website serves as a meeting point between firms that need students or recent graduates and candidates who wish to enter the labor market.

In addition to promoting a large number of functions, first job CV examples can be found even for those who do not know how to prepare it properly.


Finally, there is an international recruitment agency that aims to support job seekers in destinations around the world.

The portal offers short or medium term jobs and vacancies can be found for working in summer camps or hotels during the tourist season. A good option for those looking for work in other countries who wish to travel.

To apply for the posts, you have to go to anywhereSelect the job position you wish to apply for and fill out a simple form.

most in demand jobs in spain

According to the Spanish newspaper El Economista, the first three positions in the ranking of the most sought after positions are occupied by telemarketers, commercial representatives and delivery vehicle drivers.

Here is the complete list:

  • telemarketer
  • business representative
  • delivery driver
  • waiter or hostess
  • dependent
  • construction industry workers
  • customer service agent
  • software development
  • administrative
  • forklift operator

Spain minimum wage 2022

Following agreement with trade unions Trade Union Confederation of Workers’ Commission (CCOO) and General Union of Workers (UGT), the Council of Ministers last February approved the establishment of 1,000 gross monthly interprofessional minimum wage in 14 payments. ,

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