JLo wears jeans with heels like a goddess, her ideal look for women over 50


If anyone has made it clear to us that they have a broad sense of fashion, it is Jennifer Lopez, who has been perfecting his looks throughout his music career and has become a benchmark over the years, even having his own clothing line At a low price that can be bought at one of the most popular establishments in Mexico.

Its brand is characterized by having apparel, accessories and footwear for each season of the year, with a classic seal up to date. Fashion all year round without spending thousands of pesos, So it is a benefit for all the ladies who want to follow the singer’s style under the slogan “Be a Diva”.

Ankle boots with jeans for winter. Photo: Instagram

and wow what JLo has made it clear that she is a divaalready That at 53 she looks even more beautiful than she did in her youth, when her urban style became more sophisticated and an example of this is her way of combining heels with jeans.

jlo wears jeans with heels c

He wore jeans with high-heeled ankle boots during his Super Bowl performance. Photo: Instagram

The “Diva Del Bronx” has worn it on more than one occasion with a classic outfit we all have in our closets: jeans, she pairs them with high heels Creating a perfect match in either dark or light colors with textured or plain prints, this is a winning combination that will take you out of any trouble and make you look alluring. Sophisticated style.

Jeans are a classic that never goes out of styleSince they were invented in 1863 (exact data is not known), they have worn the clothes of workers, Hollywood stars, singers, rich and poor from all over the world; Its origins are somewhat controversial as the French and Italians justified its invention and battle over who first made the garment.

not only Jennifer Lopez gives classes on how to wear jeans Along with looking great in casuals, she has also done royalty Kate Middleton The Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William’s wife, but the singer has stood apart as international fashion brands have chosen to represent her with this classic garment.

JLo wears jeans in this scene from the movie Mujhse Shaadi Karo. Photo: Instagram

JLo is reluctant to give up skinny jeans, Highlights them and takes them on with their maximum stylistic expression XL Platform Ankle Boots, Kitten Heels, Stilettos, Ankle Boots, High Boots, As with any type of heel, always make a perfect match with the variety of styles that position her as a fashion icon.

Mom jeans style pants with military style ankle boots. Photo: Greg Swales
Platform tennis is another classic to mix with this apparel. Photo: Instagram

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