JAM 2022 today; Check last-minute tips, exam day guidelines


The Joint Admission Test for MSc (JAM 2022) is going to be held on February 13, 2022. The exam will be held in computer-based mode. It will be held for 7 subject papers, which are BT, CY, EN, GC, MA, MS and PH. The exam will be held in the forenoon and afternoon shift and the timing for the exam is mentioned in the admit card.

Once the exam is over, after each shift, exam experts will release JAM 2022 answer key and memory-based questions. Through these, candidates will get to know how well they did in the exam. However, to ensure that one does well in the exam a solid last-minute preparation strategy is needed.

Those who wish to get a good JAM 2022 result, must check these last-minute preparation tips. 

—  JAM 2022 mock test  is available jam.iitr.ac.in. By taking this test candidates will know how the exam will be and what are pre, as well as, post-exam formalities. This will save time on the exam day and will help in creating an effective exam day strategy.

—  There is no better source to prepare for an exam than the previous year questions paper. JAM previous year question papers are available online. Many times similar questions are asked in the exam. So, do solve as many past question papers as you can.

—   Ensure that the entire syllabus has been covered.  At least more than 80 per cent of the syllabus should be covered. However, if you have not done so yet then no need to worry. Just focus on what is has already been done and mare these chapters strengths

—  The reason why most toppers and experts suggest taking short notes while studying is that they’ll be useful for revision in the days leading up to the exam. So, take out those notes and revise.

—   In this Physics section, some of the important topics come from the SSP, Electronics, Thermodynamics, and topics like Electricity and Magnetism also carry a great weightage in the exam.

—   Physical and Organic Chemistry are important topics with more weightage in the IIT JAM exam. Revision is also very important, you should revise all the formulas in the physical chemistry and from all the notes you have made.

—   In the mathematics section, some of the important topics are Differential Calculus, Linear Algebra, Sequence and Series also don’t leave the topics like Vector Calculus and Integration as they also hold utmost importance.

—   For mathematical statistics, you need to be thorough with your fundamentals in Statistics. You can refer to the Fundamentals of Mathematical Statistics by SC Gupta and V.K Kapoor book and it covers 60 per cent of weightage so it makes it very important and some of the important topics are Random Variables, Estimations, Limit theorems, etc.

—  In the Geology section, It is important to research more as it will gain you more knowledge. Some of the important sections are Petrology, Economic Geology, Structural Geology, Mineralogy, etc.

—   For the Biotechnology section, the most important topics are biochemistry and molecular biology. The focus should be on learning the concepts rather than memorising them.

The duration of the exam is 3 Hours. There are 7 subjects – Economics, Chemistry, Biotechnology, Geology, Mathematical Statistics, Mathematics, and Physics. The exam is divided into three sections – A, B, and C. The A section consists of 30 Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs), B section consists of 10 Multiple Select Questions (MSQs), and the C section consists of 20 Numerical Answer Type (NAT) questions. The total number of questions is 60 questions.

The JMAT 2022 Exam is held only once a year. It is a computer-based exam. It is held in the English Language. Every year, on a rotating basis, the Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) accept these applications on behalf of the Ministry of Human Resources Development (MHRD), Government of India.

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