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Erin Jackson reacts after her victory in the 500 meters.

American speed skater Erin Jackson Won the gold medal in the women’s 500m at the Winter Olympic Games in a time of 37.04 on Sunday.

Jackson almost didn’t compete in the 500m at the Olympics after slipping during qualifying trials, but her teammate and friend Brittany Bowe gave up her own spot to ensure the world No.1 could go to Beijing, and it paid off. the sorrow.

Jackson, 29, is the first American woman to win a speed skating gold medal at the Olympics since Bonnie Blair in 1994, as well as the first black woman to win an individual speed skating medal in the Olympics, according to Team USA

She finished 0.08 seconds ahead of Japan’s Miho Takagi in second place and 0.17 seconds ahead of Angelina Golikova of the Russian Olympic Committee in third place.

“I cried right away, it was just a huge release of emotion. A lot of shock, a lot of relief and a lot of happiness. I haven’t fully processed everything yet, but it feels amazing,” Jackson told reporters.
She added: “I had a little misstep on the back straight, but I just tried, I wouldn’t say recover, because it wasn’t anything big, I just tried to keep skating.”

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American Erin Jackson wins gold in women's 500m speed skating after nearly missing the Olympics


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