Islamic Jihad fired more than 100 rockets at Israel


Jerusalem. EFE

Palestinian Islamic Jihad Group (Jeep) said this Friday it had launched more than 100 rockets toward Israel’s center in response to previous Israeli bombings against the Gaza Strip, which it already represents. Most significant escalation of violence since May 2021,

“We are attacking Tel Aviv and central cities with over 100 rockets, in response to the crime of The assassination of leader Taisir al-Jabri and his brother martyrs”, a YIP statement said today, referring to the widespread Israeli attack against its members and establishments in Gaza, which has already resulted in 10 deaths.

Al Jabri was second in the group in the Strip and led his armed wing in the center and north of the enclave. His death included nine other Palestinians, including a five-year-old girl, in addition to 65 wounded.

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Israel Defense

The Israeli military told Efe that 66 rockets were fired from Gaza against its territory, 11 of which fell inside the enclave. Of the remaining 55, a spokesperson said, About a third were intercepted by air defense systems, while the remainder fell in populated areas.,

Although alarms warning the Israeli population to launch rockets in their direction were sounded in some cities in the center of the country, none have been activated in Tel Aviv so far.

In May 2021, Israel carried out dozens of bombings in the Gaza Strip. Photo: AFP

This was different in the case of cities in the south of the country bordering Gaza, whose Residents had to flee to shelters on several occasions.

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Soon, Israeli authorities set up strict security measures Fears of a strong armed response from the Palestinian group following the attack in Gaza.

These were concentrated not only in border communities but in different parts of the country, through capacity limits in closed spaces and the opening of public shelters.

After the launch of the rockets from Gaza, Israeli emergency services said they had received no reports of injuries.Something that the military confirmed to Efe.

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An Israeli military spokesman called the operation against Islamic Jihad “prejudiced”The arrest on Monday of one of its leaders in the occupied West Bank followed an “imminent threat” of an attack against its territory by the Palestinian group in retaliation.


Bombing. Palestinian youth Evacuate a building that has been hit by Israeli missiles.

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