Isabel Pantoja reappears in public before traveling to Argentina to start her American tour


Isabel Pantoja’s confinement in Cantora is already a thing of the past. The singer has left the walls of her estate to embark on her trip to America, where she will tour in the coming weeks. The singer has been seen this Saturday at the Jerez airport, where she will take the first flight that will take her to Argentina, the first country that she will visit on her new tour. There she, accompanied by her brother Agustín de ella, has been received by social media, and at all times she has been serious and unwilling to attend to the press.

Totally in black, with sunglasses and a mask that almost completely covered his face, he appeared at the airport. During all the time she has been seen holding hands with her brother Agustín de ella, without giving statements to the press. As she approached the departure lounge, the artist thanked the journalists present, who wished her the best of luck on her new tour of another continent.

Isabel Pantoja on her arrival at Jerez Airport


The singer’s destination is now Buenos Aires, Argentina, where next Tuesday the 24th she will perform at Luna Park, an auditorium with a capacity of 9,290 spectators. After Argentina, Kiko Rivera’s mother will travel to Chile, specifically to Mostazal, where she will perform twice at the Gran Arena at Sun Monticello Casino, on the 27th and 28th of this month. She will later embark on a new trip to Lima, Peru, where she will perform on June 1 at the Plaza Arena.

This return to the stages of the tonadillera is a respite in her media life in recent months, as well as some other strong setbacks. On the one hand, the death of her mother last summer, and recently, the punishable insolvency trial in which she was asked for three years in prison and from which she was finally acquitted, although it cost her a lot of trouble.

Isabel Pantoja at Jerez airport with Agustín Pantoja

Isabel Pantoja at Jerez airport with Agustín Pantoja


On this occasion his niece, Anabel Pantoja, who is in Honduras competing in survivors, so it will be his brother Agustín, who will accompany him on his long-awaited tour. Pantoja travels to South America with a tense family relationship. On the one hand, her relationship with her son, Kiko Rivera, is totally broken. While she does have the support of her daughter Isa, the relationship between the two brothers is also broken, so the singer leaves a totally unpleasant family situation.

Will the waters have calmed down when the artist returns from her trip to America? Will Kiko Rivera want to resume the relationship with his mother and her sister? For now, we will have to wait for Isabel to return to Spain to find out the answer to these questions.

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